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Ginger Burst

Evening everypony, my name is Ginger Burst. I'm an up and coming young mare with plenty of what I hope are good ideas and potential. As a writer, I take a couple of things seriously; grammar and continuity being some of them. However, I am not harsh in any critique. I promise you that if I have any negative comments, I will find the most pleasant and helpful way to word them. As a bit of insight to how I view a story, I tend to stick with stories that have plenty of detail but not so much that will derail my patience. A pleasant mix of the two do well for me, and I feel that it does for others who are not avid and serious novel readers such as myself. I am always up for critiques, for giving constructive criticism, and I am always willing to be a pre-reader for any pony that wants it. I encourage writing, even among non-writers or aspiring artists of the sort. As of now, I am still getting used to the website and stories are currently in the works. Juggling ideas, life, and school is certainly a task not to be trifled with. For the sake of this bio sounding very formal, I bid you best wishes. Have a wonderfully interesting day! - Ginger Burst