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A Hoof-ful of Dust

You can't see the forest...


While at a slumber party telling spooky stories, Twilight learns of one story that is supposedly true, and just has to investigate...

(Featured on EqD.)

(Audio version by Thornquill.)

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Ooh this is fabulous! I can't wait to read more :rainbowkiss:

What the...what? How the heck are you going to leave me hanging like that >_>

I can't believe Fluttershy would participate in essentially forcing RD to go to the manor.

:fluttershysad: "Only in Ponyville, you said so yourself."

:rainbowhuh: "Fluttershy, have I wronged you in some way? I mean, really. You are the LAST pony I expected to be getting in on this."

:yay: "You made fun of my cheering skills."

:rainbowderp: "..."

Oh, very good. I really like how you included every pony into the dialogue. I found this through the romance tag, but now I just want to follow the story, wherever it goes.

I'm eager to see where this goes.:rainbowkiss:

Oh I can already taste the terror and it tastes like magenta! This is gonna be good.

Ooh, I like where this is going. Great writing, and an interesting idea! You have me....hooked! :ajbemused: I know, lame, but can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

i see a romance tag and i see twi and rainbow DING DING DING DING! :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

Ooh, intense story. I look forward to the rest of it.

The wind has turned Rarity's mane into something that resembles Rainbow Dash's mane, minus the difference in color.

:raritydespair::raritycry: "This is the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!"

:rainbowhuh::rainbowdetermined2: "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?!"

Awesome, I'm highly interested now. I really like your take on the characters and the slight worldbuilding. I really don't have anything to criticize, and I almost always have more criticism than praise. Keep'em coming!

This is really quite interesting. Very captivating. I don't have proper words to say how I enjoy the story. It's just, very very good. Keep it up!

I do not know where this story is going but I go along

I would be happy with more


Ghosts? Who you gonna call?
CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS GHOSTBUSTERS, YAY!!!:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:

great story, can't wait for more!

Congrats on the EQD post

I was expecting the other "Synchronicity" by Sev when I clicked this... Guess I'm entitled to try this one now that I commented...

Okay, now this is interesting. For starters I love how you took the extra effort to conduct three different tellings of the same legend to align with cultural differences between the three races, that's well appreciate from someone who's been doing a lot of his own world-building himself lately on other projects. Loved your further reasoning as to why each culture saw things that way. Really good stuff.

And obviously this is well written, I don't think I caught one spelling error the entire time.

As for what you've developed around the plot. Pretty good so far, I'm not sure I can say I'm really invested yet into it. But a few more updates and you'll probably have me in for it.

Thank you.

I approve. Been a while since I've read/watched/played anything good involving the supernatural realm. I am pleased Battle-Brother.

This is one of those cases where a thin line separates courage from foolishness, ain't it? xD

I'm going into this, slightly apprehensive. The last time I read a similar ship fic in which Twilight involved herself with dark magic studies from another pony, Twilight ended up dying... was not a good end. Still, it's really well written, and I can't seem to stop reading.

Feels Lovecraftian when she's talking about folklore. :P Reminds me of a bit of... crap, that story with the aliens washing up in a flood up in Maine.

why is their is no mystery tag option i'll never know, cus this story is delicious so far :raritywink:

RD just got herself into deep shit :rainbowderp:

I am somehow okay with this. Continue.

hmm i have the feeling that pinkie's knee is going to become really pinchy

I am curious now. Please continue...

Also, it is TwiDash, so I was curious anyway.

Good beginning! :yay:

Synchronicity! Synchronicity!

Kinda reminds me of The Police album Synchronicity.

Oh and that song is called Synchronicity I.

My advice: Burn the book then go burn down the manor and all its gardens. Its the only way to be sure.

I :heart: it. I get chills when reading this...and I love it.

Spoilers: Pinkie totally did plan out the lightning bolt. :pinkiesmile:

The way they interact is so cute to me, I could ALMOST forget about the creepy book and haunted mansion hanging over their heads.


790918 Creepy book? Haunted Mansion? Oh right! I completely forgot about those during the supper scene:pinkiehappy:

That title... My dad loves that song.


I totally could forget about that stuff if they'd stop mentioning it! Can't you two just be adorable without bringing up the scary mansion every five minutes?!


This is very interesting and mysterious. For some reason when I read it ti reads like something from Silent Hill. To me anyway. Good chapter.

That was some great character development, and wonderful ties back to culture, by that I mean the development of ghost stories and common themes. It's interesting to see a ghost story taken from a perspective of those who are referencing others to resolve their own problem.

Great work.

Well I won't be sleeping tonight.:applecry:

I think that once Rainbow awakens, the very next night they go to the manor and must escape the clutches of an ethereal being who wants her diary back.

Now this right here was an awesome chapter. The character interactions are charming and believable, and only now are we starting to get hints of romance, so you're obviously taking your time developing the relationship, which I appreciate massively. Not to mention that you're taking what I personally believe tends to be the best approach to shipping: making it only one facet, if a not-insubstantial one, of a larger story.

I also loved your development of Rainbow's past and resulting analysis of her psyche. And that second paragraph was an absolute joy to read; keep that up and you'll earn that currently-empty slot in my "Excellent Prose" feature box.

Mmm... Character development.

I was actually a bit iffy about following this on some of the earlier chapters, but this chapter completely sealed the deal for me - amazing.

Does this scare the shit out of anyone else? I might pee my pants tonight. Never read this story at 11 pm.

>> LonelyChild
Psh,I Read this at 2:00 A.M
Didn't even get chills. :ajsmug:

Great chapter, but not very horror-inducing. The chapter title lied to me.

I've never said this before, but I actually wish I hadn't discovered this story until it was finished. Trying to read it in snippets is going to completely wreck the mood... Maybe I should just track it until it gets marked 'complete', or watch for it on EqD...

Another great chapter :twilightsmile:
I'm glad to see that you're taking your time developing the romance between Twilight and Dash, so many fics I have read just rush into the relationship, and because of this they lose all the juicy lead-up.
I'm looking forwards to more :raritystarry:


Now THIS is shipping I can get behind!

758742 I'm not the only one who thought of synchronicity I!!! :yay:

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