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Project PI, as named by its creator Pinkie Pie, was the ultimate in fool-proof plans to woo a certain lavender alicorn. Unfortunately for Rainbow, the mare for whom the plan was made, it was a plan made by Pinkie Pie. Which means nothing is as it seems, and it involves chocolate pudding.

A lot of chocolate pudding.

Cover art generously provided by Angelic Flight over on DA. Go check her out!

(Takes place between season 4 and 5)

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I haven't even read it yet and I've given it a like. I think I trust that it'll be that good.

All the while Pinkie cold be seen bouncing through the waves of customers, a cheery smile on her face all the while as she collected orders and jotted them down on the notepad held in her mane.

I wonder how Pinkie cold Be Seen Bouncing Through The ponies.

“Okay... first, that's just a plank piece of paper, Pinkie. Second, what pudding?”

What does a plank sheet of paper look like? I know what a blank one looks like but I've never heard if a plank piece.

“I never understood how you and Flutter keep your wings so clean.

Flutter? I though Dash called her Flutters or Fluttershy.

“Aww, but that wouldn't be any fun! Besides, one of you had to ask out the other without ing the answer, otherwise there's be no point!” Pinkie shouted from her vantage point.

One had to ask the other without ing the answer? Knowing? Asking? What do you want from me?!

Twilight groaned happily, one hoof resting on her belly as she laid on her back,s taring up at the sky, set ablaze as the sun set beyond the horizon. “That.... was delicious.”

Yup, simple mistake here. Just used a comma instead of an apostrophe.

6218084 Yup, I've read it now. As always, he delivers some of the best TwiDash that ever existed!

Rainbow trailed off as she realized she had no solid counter to the mare's points. Somehow, everything Pinkie had done turned out... good.


It's very rare that you see a shipping fic where all parties interact in a believable and in-character way. It's a mark of excellence when it does and this is a fantastic story, far better than what I anticipated. This is top-tier feature box material and it's a shame that more people haven't read this. Good work, friendo. :twilightsmile:

Yup yup, Still the King of Fluff. :3
This was a great one shot. Needs some minor tlc editing but besides that it was amazing! ^.^

I can't exactly put my finger on it, but something here reminds me of Origami Yoda.

“Okay... first, that's just a plank piece of paper, Pinkie. Second, what pudding?”

A plank piece of paper?

With an happy little bounce

You mean "With a happy little bounce"

Twilight groaned happily, one hoof resting on her belly as she laid on her back,s

First off all, it'd be "back's" which is an honest mistake, and second Twilight has only one back... So no need for that "'s" anyway.

Many thanks for the edits. Its funny, but most of those mistakes were actually from changes I made during my editing.

Much appreciated! Pinkie is such a fun character to write, and I had to do my best to give her justice.

Also.... as of this morning, I am featured. Woo!

6219245 wait, you just made this and upoaded it. How're you featured already? I guess you're just that good.

I just realized I just pointed out a bunch of mistakes and didn't even tell you how much I loved this fic.
Sorry K, that was rude of me... 6219114

Anyways, amazing fic. As usual.
I mean, seriously. With the little amount of errors in this fic, and how you just posted what you wrote without someone double checking; is ASTOUNDING.

Was loved.
Was liked.
Was favorited.
And you can't do shit about it.

I've got this added to my pocket to read later, but holy heck, man. That description needs some help.

Project PI, as named by its creator Pinkie Pie, was the ultimate it fool-proof plans to woo a certain lavender alicorn.

The ultimate it? I have no clue what's going on. This is no indictment of your story, but man, people are gonna see this and make bad assumptions right off the bat.

For the record, one small typo does not count as "needs help".

And honestly if a single small typo puts anyone off then it's probably a good thing they didn't read because I can promise there are more mistakes in the actual story.

Please, I meant no disrespect. I know what it's like to mess something like that up. Heck, for years I had a story that had a typo in the TITLE!

Now THAT was embarrassing. :ajsleepy:

But, it wasn't just one mistake. Take a look at this other line:

Unfortunately for Rainbow, the mare for whom the plan was made, it was a plan made by Pinkie Pie.

Yes, it isn't necessarily wrong per se, but it is confusing for people to read. If you need to, say it out loud to yourself and see what I mean.

You say there's other mistakes in the story. Well, do you have a pre-reader? If not, you should try to find at least one person to send a story to so they can catch some of the things you might miss. Believe me, I've missed a LOT in my stories.

If you don't have a pre-reader, I wouldn't mind looking over any future stories you might have... just so you can have at least one more pair of eyes that might catch what you miss.

Please understand that I'm not approaching you in a condescending manner. I mean you no ill will, and yes, I am genuinely interested in this story and possibly your future as a writer. (good shippers usually stay good shipper for life!) I just remember how frustrating it was to submit my own stories, which I thought FOR SURE were ready, only to find out they had errors EVERYWHERE. Keep in mind, however, that NO story, NO article, NO piece of writing is truly ready. Sometimes you just have to throw it out there and cross your fingers.

Whatever you choose, I wish you luck in the future and congrats on making it into the feature box. :pinkiehappy:

Aw, I'm guessing this was supposed to be a little story. But can we please have another chapter please, please...please? I-I think I'll read it again.

I did not intend to come off as though I thought you meant disrespect. It has been... a long day.

That aside, I have had many offers for pre-readers and editors, and I turn down most, mostly for personal reasons. Most of the time the only stories I have dedicated editors for are longer, more serious fics, upwards of 20K words.

Also that one line in the description always bugged me. Like you said, it's not exactly wrong, but it is... awkward. I was trying to do something fancy with it and it didn't work out. It'll probably be changed when I can think of something to replace it with, most likely tomorrow sometime.

Anyway, I do thank you for pointing out the mistake. I had noticed it earlier today but honestly I was too lazy to edit it out until someone pointed it out and forced my hand.


What a cute story. It made my day by making me laugh and smile :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy:

Heh, that's a rather creative way of Rainbow Dash to ask Twilight out like that, I don't believe I've seen that idea before! :pinkiehappy: I've read plenty of TwiDash fanfictions on this website, though most of the time I just kinda lurk in the shadows. I'd make an excellent minion for Luna... Anyways, for a one-shot, this story was well paced. Good read!

...How do ponies thumbs up? :applejackconfused:

Very nice! I enjoyed this little piece, especially the Pinkie shenanigans that ensued. But I felt the twist, while funny and ironic, was a tad cliché. However, I felt the story spoke very well for itself, stood on its own as NOT a cliché romance oneshot, so it overall made up for my dissatisfaction of the climax of the story.

Great job on this! It was a definite breath of fresh air to read some good ol' TwiDash again.

I'm shipping Twidash now o-o
the fic was too good not to.

Hmmm. I felt the beginning was super weak and relied more on (somewhat predictable) jokes. That said, from the catapult onward I started to dig your characterization more. You wrote Twilight and RD well. RD asking Twilight out was glorious, and I really liked the way she reacted to Twilight's dress, even if I felt "angelic" just wouldn't be a word she'd have in her vocabulary. After having read the whole thing, I felt Pinkie's parts were the weakest bits of the story by far and seemed to be trying to hard to be zany (pop culture references) rather than just letting Pinkie be zany on her own. That said, I still did laugh a few times.

All in all, have an up-vote.

Pinkie's still a new character for me. Being a mainly Twidash one-shot author, I don't have as much experience with other characters as I'd sometimes like. This was an effort to break out of that, and though I may not have done so perfectly, I do still love to write Pinkie.

That aside, the angelic thing has always bugged me, but I couldn't find a better word that I hadn't already use in the scene that fit better. And I searched. 3 online thesauruses and a hard copy one. In the end, it was the best I could do without considerable rewrites.

Just found this story and really enjoyed it.

While the story is more than a few years old, still thought you should know I caught a typo.

Rainbow grinned and took off out the open window at the end of the all,

Should be 'hall'.

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “There's a price tag,” she deadpanned.


“Carrot, sweaty,” Mrs. Cake started, pulling another bell from her drawer with a sigh. “Would you mind hanging this? Pinkie Pie might be a while.”

You probably meant “sweetie”. I love this typo though; it cracks me up.

“With an average launch speed of a hundred twenty-six cupcakes per cake-bake time, one out of one Gummy's say this is the best on the market.”

Nice. “Gummys” though, and probably “says”, though I’m not 100% sure.

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