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Dash has been at her newest trick for weeks, but accidents always lurk in the smallest corners.

Co-written with Ponyman. Just because we could.


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A great read. I was afraid right up until the end that the reason Pinkie wasn't there was that she had passed away and that Dash joined her, but not being there because she was scared was way better and a lot less drama-y.

Nice, short, and sweet. I enjoyed it:pinkiehappy:

Ha, this is the second Dash-injures-herself fic I've read in a row. I'm on a roll. :rainbowdetermined2:

Anyway, nice job Karrakaz. I liked how it was from Dash's perspective, and I think you captured her well. For some reason, I really liked the opening line. Just kind of put you right in the story, no waiting. I liked that.

I think this could actually have been longer, with Pinkie's confession taking more time to come out. More time to build it up. Though at the same time, perhaps that's the point. She was so scared she couldn't wait any longer. Either way, I enjoyed it, so keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

And I do mean that--you haven't posted a fic in like forever! Good to have ya back.


I agree and when I read that line I thought back to the show and remember her doing it. That was a good observation that I don't remember anybody else making though somebody probably has. Even so I like its use here.


It has been a while indeed. The reason this was as short as it was is because I wanted to try something without letting myself get bogged down with endless editing.

I am working on something else, but with the speed it's going at right now it'll be another few weeks before that's done.

Well, nothing wrong with that. And I know what you mean with it being slow going. I've got some stories I'm "working" on, but the progress makes snails look like race cars.

Care to give a hint as to what that story is about? :raritystarry:

I actually never noticed her doing that in the show.


Look at my user image. :raritywink:

I love pretty much anything done by Ponyman. He's a good author, man. Don't take him for granted.

The start was really good! It seemed to really suit Rainbow Dash's inner voice, and felt like we were her.

Then...it got a little weak. The romance was a bit awkward and stilted, and seemed kinda forced on.

But still a neat story. :pinkiesmile:

Good read. The subtle attraction to Pinkie in Rainbow Dash's commentary was what really made this fic great.

Lots of "unlike X" in this story.

Feels kind of like Rainbow is explaining pretty calmly about her almost crashing. Not really feeling any tension here.
Secs... secs... se- oh, ha, nice.

I like how the relationship is already established, so we don't have to waste exposition on things like "Oh gosh, she's kissing me for the first time, wat do?". Very convenient.

Very sweet story. Always happy to see RainbowPie. :twilightsmile:

This warmed my terrible night, this was cute and had some humor to it. Followed! :pinkiesmile:

Very cute. Rainbow pie is a interesting ship now thati think about it. I'd like to see more.

The only thing is the way it's written. It's in first person present tense, but it feels almost like she's having an out of body experience through the fic and she's just watching what's happening to her instead of experiencing it.

I actually do not like this ship. Why am I reading this then? One of my friends absolutely loves this ship, and won't stop talking about it! So, I'm experimenting and on a quest to read some PinkieDash so I can get a better insight on why people, such as my friend, like it so much.:pinkiesmile:

This story I actually liked, though! I liked that you made it from Rainbow's perspective, and the emotions in it felt real. You pulled this off well enough that even a PinkieDash hater enjoyed reading every single part of this! I think I know where my friend is coming from now. Thanks for making this, and good luck with anything else you may do in the future!:twilightsmile:

Ahh, nice, fluffy and sweet! Just the way I enjoy my servings of PinkieDash! I mean, I do like the angsty RD-Comforts-Pinkie stories, but sometimes you just need a happy, light piece like this.

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