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When an accident leaves Rainbow grounded, Pinkie takes her in and finally decides to confess her true feelings. Pinkiedash shipfic with happy and sad elements mixed in. If you don't like shipping don't read.

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I've read this before...:ajbemused:

I've posted this on fanfiction before, but due to their strange formatting, uploadIng issues, and all around nasty interface i've moved the story to this site. I did take quite a long time to reword, rephrase, and rework certain elements of this story to make it read better.
Thank you for your time in reading it.

I still like this story. I read it on fanfiction :pinkiesmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

You said you'll stop writing if this sucks, correct?

Okay, how to put this politely.....



You don't have to worry about it being your last story...

Well done! :pinkiehappy:

Oh yeah I remember this from FanFiction, it's a pretty good story :pinkiehappy:

but.... i really need my taint....

also i'm shocked at how many people have actually read this story before on fanfiction....

just as a heads up to anypony looking at this thing ill go ahead and tease my next story, its a pie-light shipfic (pinkie, twilight) called taking a chance on love. it's still incomplete and hasn't even entered proofreading stage, but the support i've received on this story on the first day alone will push me through.

i also have a comedy fic in the works, but pie-light comes first!
thank you for everyone who has read, tracked, and commented on this story, it's given me the drive to keep writing.
starlitomega (starlitalpha)

great story. I really mean it. it was well paced, and you didn't just jump into the relationship, instead, you built up to it. I has a whole different feel than other shipping fics that I've read. Best shipping fic I've had the pleasure of reading. Don't stop the good work.

343212 Then you'd best keep writing, hadn't you?:twilightsmile:

personally, I think that RainbowxPinkie shipping works so well partially because Pinkie would likely be the best one at handling Rainbow being a wonderbolt, either by traveling with her or if she was away. (the logic behind dealing with her being away stemming from Pinkie's general nature carefree nature relative to the rest of the mane 6) Also, if anyone hasn't read one night in manehattan, they should.

Great fic overall. My only issues were the progression of some ideas (Pinkie being afraid of others seeing her sad, for example, is a great concept, but came out rather abruptly here) and the lack of some resolution (we see the signs of rainbow's internal conflict, but he desire to be a wonderbolt and be with Pinkie is never completely resolved, just approached)

Regardless, great fic overall

I really wanted more time to dig into the whole Pinkie not allowing others to see her sad, but i had no reason for her to be sad before Rainbow's accident. that's why i tried to hit it multiple times in the story though i'm not quite sure i stressed it enough halfway through.

Rainbow's desire to be a Wonderbolt fell flat in the face of losing Pinkie. i may need to rewrite or reiterate that part to make it clear.

Also, as of right now this story is complete.... but given time and boredom i may jump ahead and see what happens later in the relationship. right now i won't approach it though because the story feels complete in my head.

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns and criticisms. i will seriously take them into account on this story as well as future stories.


Allow me to clarify a little bit.

Personally, I found that the story did bring across quite well that Dash was far more worried about losing Pinkie then about the Wonderbolts. However, by the end of the story, Dash's dilemma over her potential future relationship with Pinkie and what she wants her future possibilities with the Wonderbolts to be is unclear. In essence, while we have a good idea that she wants to be with Pinkie, it is unclear how Dash has changed or reconciled her goals for the future, which, as those goals were her primary conflict in the story, irked me a tad.

The story felt a bit odd at times but I liked it. I don't have anything more elaborate to say right now.

I sure as sugar wouldn't have a problem with readin' this a second time!
In fact, I think I'll go ahead and book mark this and read it again tomorrow!


Is buried in mustaches.

I don't know what i'll do with them, but thanks. Glad you enjoyed the story!

this writing stucture is familiar.:rainbowhuh:
a story to the feelings.:raritycry::pinkiehappy::eeyup:
i though pinkie was going to die and rainbow would starve to death at the lake.:pinkiesick::rainbowwild:
i thought it was Applejack was there, and Twilight was a suprise:ajbemused::twilightsheepish:
a little dose of all of the real life actions

I was going to go on this huge monologue about great this story was; but there isn't enough words in the dictionary to convey how brilliant it is. So, in the famous words of Ms. Rainbow Dash; it was awesome.

This story is just absolutely incredible :) 220% cooler than most rainbowpie books I've read.

Cool Plot And Great Story!

"First, you're sitting… quietly… in the library. Also, you aren't smiling, that's enough for a full scale investigation."

So true!

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