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"It's no secret that Applejack and I are really cool friends, but nopony really knows how I feel about her. Her awesome blonde hair, those powerful legs that won't quit, that amazing smile, all wrapped up underneath her trademark cowpony hat.

Urgh! I've had it! I've just gotta tell her how she makes me feel!

I just hope she takes me seriously for once..."
Holy cow, this totally got featured! Apparently you people really like Appledash and scenes with Rainbow letting her guard down. Thank you all for reading, rating, commenting, or all of the above!

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Cute! I love it. Nice and simple, very sweet, and very in character.

The cutest! :ajsmug::rainbowkiss:

Have a like :)

I don't normally read AppleDash (as TwiDash is my preferred ship), but this was worth reading.
Very well paced, and very in character.

You did a great job of showing both Rainbow's pride and her deep-seeded insecurities. You also
did a great job of portraying AJ, too.

Well done!

I love this story, and the ship! Great job! :applejackunsure::rainbowlaugh:

Short ,sweet and super cute. How can anyone in there right mind deny these two are the greatest ship. :rainbowdetermined2::ajsmug:

A cute short story.
Rainbow dash and Applejack.
Best ship, possibly.

What can I say, it's short, sweet and to the point. This I like.

Thank you! I normally ship Pinkie with other ponies, so yeah, Appledash is not very well represented in my repertoire.
I really like seeing Rainbow Dash's tough exterior crack. To me, it makes her one of the more developed characters in the show.
Thanks for reading and letting me know what you thought!

I actually cried. I ♥ AppleDash! It's the best!

6033900 I ɖɛʍaռɖ a sɛզʊaʟ!!!!!!:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::raritycry::pinkiesad2:

Nice story. Well done.

I liked your characterisation of AJ and Dash.
And it was a very sweet read for the morning.
Thanks and have my like.

Lieutenant, keep that door braced!:twilightangry2:
I cant, sir! There are too many!:raritycry:
Sir, the Daawwws:yay: they're breaking through the ceiling!:rainbowderp:
Damn it, command where is our air support!?:flutterrage:


You shall succumb to the DAWS! You shall! :trollestia:



When I read the name of the story, this song pop in my head.

Ha! Gaaaayyyyyyyyyy!

Cute, sweet and nice story! The feels daaawwwwww

That made my heart melt to the core. It was so sweet! :rainbowkiss:

6035893 It has begone. The Rise of the Daaawwwws!
6035372 Air support? What air support?!:fluttercry: The daawwws have taken control of land, sea, and air! All is lost!:raritycry:

Too... much... DAAAAAAWWWWW!:pinkiecrazy:

oh my god Pinkie giving her best friend the moral support she needs to make a confession is really cute too

This is really nice. It isn't like one of those where it's 'Oh, that's pretty nice.' It's more like you clap while saying 'I'm happy for those people even though they are entirely fictional, good on them.'

*reads title*

6036160 That would be better said as, "HA! LESBIAAAAAAN!" or maybe, "THANKS! CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!"

This is great. Just a sweet one-shot that makes one's day so much happier.

Cute. Also, it prompted me to rewatch The Last Roundup.

Being prompted to watch more pony is never bad.

*pops out of the bushes* JUST KISS ALREADY

*promptly gets bucked by two sets of hooves*

Much D'aw was had
And I'll be sending them the hospital bill...

Does your d'awww meter still work, even if you don't pay an expert to fix it? Cuz mine broke a few days ago and I wasn't bothered to get it fixed, and yet...GOSH DANG IT THIS WAS CUTE!!!:yay:

I have visions of a fluffy, unstoppable army of Daaws.
They are beautiful. *sniff*

Oh look, some people' fingers slipped and clicked the dislike button.


NO! RESIST! That can't beat us now!

Short, but awesome!:pinkiehappy:

Cute, fluffy, and short. Good read to feel better about something. Brought a smile to my face and warmth to my arctic heart.


... Uh, that's not very Daw at all, in fact, if anything the Smooze is pretty much helping our defence against it.


You managed to put the nervousness and intensity of coming to the girl you like perfectly. It's just what I would have done and I feel Rainbow too. Hats off to you, sir. You deserve a big round of applause and managed everypony to say "awwwww" to this lovely story.

Naw, like I said, I was thinking of an army of fuzzy Daaaws with a similar theme song.

But you are correct. The Daaaws have passed. It's all over now.

Welp, time to go read another story or twelve!


Indeed! See you on the flipside.

It was a sweet and short story, really like it! :pinkiesmile:

Very nice one-shot. Almost wish it was the start of a full story.

As of right now it's not.
In the future... who knows? I've added onto my stories before, but only when it feels right. Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

daaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee s'cute x3

*hits table* ANOTHER

I have plenty more shipfics if you don't mind other pairings. I mostly ship panker poi with pretty much any mane six... oh and Luna.

I love this story! :twilightsmile: :scootangel: :raritywink:

I've got a big house, stupid thing's empty all the time.

And it is a very good quote.

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