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While on an errand in the woods, Pinkie Pie becomes seriously injured, much to Fluttershy's horror.

Alone and terrified, Fluttershy must now overcome her fear and bring Ponyville's premier party planner back in one piece.

The stakes only get higher when she learns that Pinkie has fallen for her.

Pre-read and edited by Key Tapper, and CookieMonstar.

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I love this! It was sad, and happy and adorable and dawwww inducing and Imma go reboot my brain thing thats in my head so I can proccess ( i mean read) this again.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I actually had this fic on the backburner for quite awhile and almost scrapped it. Overall, I think it was a good idea to finish and release it. Also, this was my first dabbling in Flutterpie, so I was excited to see how that would turn out.

Cute as can be, and a good read as well. Twilight has awesome advice and she doesn't even have to say a word. :twilightsmile:

'Twas a good story! And after seeing that sad tag, I'm especially glad it ended on a happy note. :yay:
Let this be a lesson though: always fix your bridges before your bridges fix you.

Initially, Twilight was going to go on a lecture about the importance of just admitting it and eventually Applejack would push Fluttershy upstairs. I think by now they know that just talking to Fluttershy doesn't work, so I just decided to have Twilight teleport her there instead.

I'm not sure I have it in me to end a story like this in a sad way. I love the fluffiness of a story like this.

Well it makes it so she doesn't have an easy out if she is thrown into it.

This may... SCREW THAT, THIS IS BUCKING AWESOME :rainbowkiss:!!
This site definitively need more Flutterpie, my second favorite ship :heart:
I tip my hat to you sir/ma'm, it was actually more than what i've expected. Well done.
It's a little rash and fast when Pinkie gets to told Fluttershy, and her reaction when Flutters told her that she read her letter, was like, "Screw that, I'm hungry". Anyway better love story than Twilight, is a good exponent, this got potential, and a lot of it.

This is so cute and I felt like I was on the edge! :yay: :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Kind of always had a soft spot for PinkieShy fics. Heck, the first fanfic I ever read was a PinkieShy. Haven't read too many of them, but they've all been of fantastic quality. This one's no different. Wonderfully written. :pinkiehappy::yay:

I'm not all that fond of Fluttershy, but when people write her well, It's almost always terrific. I'm glad this story didn't fail your expectations! I mostly wrote this because I hadn't yet paired Pinkie with Fluttershy.:pinkiegasp: Glad I did though.

Fluttershy's behavior and mannerisms actually do make it easier to build tension since she's always on edge. Luckily, she always somehow manages to gather the strength she needs to pull everyone through. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think Pinkie was mostly just happy to share her first date with Fluttershy and couldn't wait to chow down.
Also, Pinkie is always ready to eat. :pinkiecrazy:

Awesome chapter!! These are my favorite out of the main six, and I love the way the story is written and is going so far. Keep writing!

That awkward moment when you have to tell someone the story is complete.
I have a hard time writing Fluttershy...
I'm glad you liked it though.

Wait the story is over?

Well darn i was hoping for more. Okay.

All of my stories are technically "incomplete" because if I feel I can add to it later, I will. I just rarely do since it's usually better to just write a new story.

A few punctuation errors, but otherwise, an amazing story! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the kind words.
Yeah, I didn't give this one as much editing love as I could have, but I didn't think it would go far.

Shockingly to the exciting demographic of absolutely no one, it went nowhere.

Hmm... This might be one of the more memorable FlutterPie stories out there because, to be honest, most I've encountered don't have much of a plot beyond the romance, so I applaud you for that. However, a few of the scene transitions in this story felt rather jarring and some of the dialogue needs splitting up to drag it out a little more. On top of that Applejack's dialogue isn't an accurate portrayal of a country accent (y'all is used when addressing groups, etc.)

So while it didn't read super well and I thought the ending was a bit lackluster, I can't bring myself to give this a thumbs down, because it wasn't good, and it wasn't bad either.

Well, I appreciate you reading it regardless. I must take issue with one problem you mentioned, and that's your problem with southern vernacular. Living in the south, not only do I have firsthand experience with people sometimes saying y'all to a single person, but this ACTUALLY happens in the show, on multiple occasions.

The earliest instance of this is in season 1, episode 8: Look Before You Sleep. It is in fact, the third line of dialogue in the episode. Applejack yanks down a branch that Rarity has just spruced up and then states, "just take the broken limbs down, Rarity. Don't y'all care bout nothing but prettifying?"

Accuracy to the show and dialogue take precedence over grammar, especially when it comes to accents.

I done ccare what anypony days, this is a great, simple, read.

I think I almost cried-

Awww, I loved this! :rainbowkiss: Thanks so much for writing it! :pinkiehappy:

"But she isn't an animal! She's my friend..."

Technically both technicolour ponies and humans ARE animals; humans are homo sapiens sapiens, which is in the family Hominidae, which also includes two types of orangutan, two types of gorilla, and the common chimpanzee.
Ponies are small horses, which are equus ferus caballus, which is in the family Equidae, which also contains donkeys and zebras.

So, Fluttershy, you're wrong - Pinkie IS an animal. In fact, those "no animals allowed" signs would taxonomically include humans and ponies in the blacklist, so no-one could enter.
We just like to believe we're superior to animals because we're sapient, when biologically speaking, in many ways we're not - we can't survive high levels of radiation or extreme cold or vacuums, when the cockroach can survive the first, penguins and deep-sea fish can survive the second, and flies can survive the third.

She had long since had feelings for the pink menace she affectionately called Pinkie. Not that she ever called her that directly; no need to hurt anypony’s feelings.

Doesn't everypony call her that? 'Pinkie' is, after all, the shortened form of her first name, like how 'Lach' is short for 'Lachlan', or 'Sam' for 'Samuel'.

1. While technically humans are animals, we don't usually refer to ourselves as animals. With ponies being the dominant sentient species of Equestria, I believe the same truth would hold in casual conversation.

2. This is referring to the "pink menace" nickname, not Pinkie's actual name. It wasn't worded correctly. Thanks for letting me know!

"But she isn't an animal! She's my friend..."

I thought all the animals were your friends 😟

I loved this story. Fluttershy's internal struggle to provide aid, something that she could probably do blindfolded while having to apply that aid to Pinkie was a nice touch. It lent to Fluttershy's strengths. She knew what she needed to do and called on the nearby animals to help.

Her not being able to forgive herself was sad but worked. Pinkie's comforting her also worked very well.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy this pairing so much. They compliment each other's ultimate desire to share happiness and only differ in their approach. Thank you for sharing this story.

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