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Very divisible.


Rarity is not feeling like herself. Her experiences with sadness were usually intense and loud, but brief. Not this time. After a chance encounter with a customer, powerful melancholy grips her, unlike anything she has experienced before. She feels empty, hopeless, and miserable.

Then Twilight Sparkle visits.

There are some mentions of suicidal ideations, but no actual suicide or self-harm.

Now being translated in Ukrainian! (ch1)(ch2)(ch3)

A HUGE thanks to Troublesome Beast for helping me with this one.
Cover art by Sarochan.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 24 )

Whoa, I am almost at a loss for words...this was a refreshing and lovely read. The details and emotion are so vivid and I cannot help but feel for Rarity. Although I really do hope she can get past this melancholy she's feeling I really do like the realism in that it doesn't just go away. I have no doubt that Twilight is making head way and she was certainly adorable within this. I'm excited for more chapters and I adore this writing style! It's also nice I must say to see the downs of what I feel artists and people of all kinds go through. You can succumb to such a dreary vision that it seems hopeless and impossible to come out of it! Well done.

I enjoyed this, must have more of this. :yay:

I love it! The way Twilight supports Rarity without judging or suggesting she’s making too big a deal out of it is just the way a princess of friendship would behave!

I look forward to the update. More RariTwi is always welcome.

I won't lie and say I don't read RariTwi from time to time despite it being pretty low on my ship list. However, I'm actually excited to see where this goes and I can't wait for more! <3 :twilightsmile:

Thanks for your kind words! I definitely wanted to explore a melancholy linked to art and meaning, and Troublesome Beast really helped to elevate the language of that depression. His help and guidance brought out a lot of the romantic language.

I'm glad you think so! Believe me, I agonized over Twilight's approach to Rarity's depression. I reasoned that, even if it didn't always come across as perfect, I really wanted it to feel sincere and empathetic.

I'm both nervous and excited to release more! I hope you enjoy it.

Actually, I originally started this story for the RariTwi bomb that happened back in October, but ultimately I decided to hold off because I realized the concept couldn't be rushed.

Well hey, thanks for giving this a shot! Hopefully, you'll like what's to come.

More must occur.. It would be a disservice to your writing skills overwise... But seriously great job

Thank you so much! More is on the way very, very soon.

Geez, Rarity, didn't you get this vulgar existentialism nonsense out of your system by going through an emo phase in high school like everyone else did?

“Get sent to the moon, get possessed by shadow beings, and become your worst nightmare?”

Hmm... I sense a comic reference coming... or is it just me?

Anyways, let the romance begin! This chapter was neatly written. I liked how both Twily and Rares want this badly, yet Twilight's holding back since she fears that they might end up getting hurt. I can relate to that, tbh.

I will always try to find reasons to reference Nightmare Rarity! :heart:


Huh. You know, I gotta commend you for this story.

Rarity is my favorite character, and the one I relate to the most in the show. At the same time, about two years ago I had a depressive moment so bad that I contemplated actual suicide. At least to the point where I didn't see a reason to even live anymore. So what Rarity's going through here, I get.

Also, I'm happy you're not beating around the bush with the romance here. You're going all in with it. I was worried you'd wait till the end to have them express their feelings and have Twilight constantly deflecting her feelings, but no. They came out, and things went the way they would go realistically.

This story is very well done. A good depiction of depression, and done with a character who'd realistically GET depression.

I was surprised when “I have something to show you. Back at my boutique.” turned out to not be a sexual overture. Usually when a date ends upon such a declaration said date can be considered to have been successful.

On a technical note, I reckon that your dialogue would be considerably more engrossing with only a fraction of the number of exclaimation points that you used. Exclaimation points tend to make dialogue feel like two hammy stage actors shouting lines at one another (never mind how well that might describe Rarity in particular). Turn most of those exclaimation points into commas and periods, and I bet that you will notice that the exchanges between characters take on a freely flowing quality. Make the reader add the emphasis and tone. That is what his mind will try to do anyway. It is an old trick that Elmore Leonard popularized.

Now see here.. You have now commited a most heinous of crimes by making me have the feels.. For for this crime more chapters must be writen.. And I hope you learn your lession about those feels ;)

Good story, but one thing is that twilight says fiancée sometime in the first scene, and then she proposes to Rarity, THEN is when she should start using the word fiancée.

The proposal scene was supposed to be a flashback. Like Rarity was reminiscing when Twilight proposed to her.

Oh. Than I completely misunderstood that part, I’m sorry.😅

Another link added to the tapestry. Closure

An absolutely stellar start. I was hooked from the beginning with the delightful little snipped touching upon one of my favorite things, the reality of an indifferent universe. Your artist's dilemma as expressed through Rarity is powerful and beautifully constructed, and everything from the melancholy to the dialogue is very in-character while still feeling stand-out and refreshing.

Big fucking ouch. You have an incredibly gripping, gut-punching portrayal of depression here. I know that when I cycle over from melancholy to the number stages, I would rather just have the catharsis of crying and... moving on. Or just being able to cry so my friends would know I'm not feeling well. Stuff like that.

It feels like my heart’s starting to work again.

Please stop hurting me like this.

She shook her head, a small giggle escaping her. No doubt, Twilight also put on lip gloss… pity she’s nibbled it all away by now! But even that simply seemed to make Twilight more adorable still.

There were so many emotions in this chapter alone, but I found this line to be so cute!

Lovely, lovely stuff. Thank you for this wild ride.

This was an excellent read.

From beginning to end, the tone was spot on. Whenever Rarity felt empty, it was as if I was her. Usually I feel a sense of detachment when reading these stories, but here I was able to not only immerse myself thoroughly, but put myself in her (horse)shoes, and relate immensely.

Your take on the process of depression is also a great touch. It shows your understanding of it as well as offering a unique perspective. And the recovery was also pretty well done and realistic, if just a bit rushed (not that I minded all that much, I think I just really wanted to read more of your writing lol).

To top it all off, this is one of my favorite ships. (Yeah I'm biased but I mean who wouldn't be??)

Super underrated fic, can't wait to see it gain more traction.

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