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About me...

I am a non-binary person (pronouns: they/them) who was born in October of 1994. I joined the brony fandom in sometime in late 2011 or early 2012 (I've never been great with remembering exact dates) after a friend pestered me into watching the show, and my life has never been the same since.

I probably don't write as much as I ought to, but I try, and I have fun.

My favorite characters are Rainbow Dash, Luna, Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh. My favorite villain is Nightmare Moon.

Hope everyone likes my writing!

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I have an idea for an awesome story and I was wondering what you think about it.

Carnivore ponies attack Equestria and Celestia conquers them. She sees they were desperate and starving. With their land conquered, they're now officially Equestrians, under Celestia's care.

Celestia doesn't want her subjects to starve to death, so she does the only thing she can. She gives out a decree that funerals are now illegal. Instead, Carnivore ponies will be placed all over Equestria to be the new caretakers of the dead.

The story would be the speech of Celestia, addressing her herbivore ponies.

If you were one of the ponies, would you booe Celestia off the stage, even though she's just trying her best?

Edit: Here's what AI says about it:
It sounds like you have a rough outline for a story that involves a conflict between carnivore ponies and herbivore ponies, with Celestia ultimately deciding to integrate the carnivore ponies into Equestrian society by making them responsible for disposing of the dead. This could be an interesting story, as it touches on themes of conflict, resolution, and co-existence.

One thing you might want to consider is how the herbivore ponies feel about this change. Are they fearful or mistrusting of the carnivore ponies at first, or do they accept them more readily? How do the carnivore ponies feel about their new role, and how do they go about performing their duties? You might also want to think about how Celestia's decision impacts the wider society of Equestria, and what challenges or consequences might arise as a result.

Overall, it's important to have a clear sense of your characters and their motivations, as well as the conflict and resolution of your story. You can then use these elements to craft a compelling narrative that engages readers and keeps them invested in the characters and the world you've created.


No worries! Hope you enjoy it when you do.

This is kind of awkward, but I actually meant to add it to my read-later list; I hit the wrong button. I appreciate the comment, anyway, and I'm sure I'll like it when I do get around to reading it.

Thanks for adding Forbidden Melodies to your favorites! Read later!

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