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Marine in Equestria cancelled · 1:34am May 14th, 2013

Yes, people it's done for I can't do any more my friend william died in Iraq 2 month ago. I was using him as my character so I'm not going continue the story because without him feel worrg to doing any more so its done.

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I hope that you had a good Veteran's Day. Thank you for your service, and know that you and your compatriots are in my thoughts and prayers.

How you holding up, brother?

Every person who makes the choice to serve their nation is worthy of recognition.

Be it in combat or far from the front lines, be it in logistics, communications, or command, be it in any form and branch of service, every person who served deserves to be told that they are appreciated.

You are no different.

Happy Veteran's Day, Buddy.

293309 Thanks for the advice man, I'm still debating to just enlist though because I heard that we we're going to start withdrawing from Afghanistan. Would that be a good idea to enlist, or should I wait until after college?

290692 when you go into boot remember its all a mind fuck and stay strong and i hope to hear about you being a battle brother/sister.

Semper fidelis

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