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Despite how much I hate the subject, it’s very well written and emotionally gripping. Excellent work.

Really glad you liked it. I swear I'm not sadistic; something just told me to write a story about Sweetie Belle dying.

Damn, right in the feels.

Excellent work.

Though I wonder why waterproof mascara doesn't exist in Equestria...

I clicked this because, well, I guess a story like this would really resonate right now.
This past Saturday was my grandma's funeral, and it was the first time I've been to one with a casket, and it made it different when I realized my grandma lay there, and I would never see her again.
It made the whole thing real.
Reading this story felt similar but different, and it's so much more tragic to watch someone young die, and to have it happen slowly and painfully like that, god.
I liked the talk with Applejack and Rainbow Dash, and admitting that something like this isn't ok, and they shouldn't pretend it is. At least Rarity had her family and had friends, even if it's true that things won't ever go back to the way they are, and some deaths touch too deep to ever recover from.
It's so tragic and yet death is still a part of life.
This was also wonderfully written and flowed beautifully, it made it easier to slip into this story and into Rarity's head.
Thanks for writing this. (and I hope it's not something you have personal experience with, I can't imagine losing one of my sisters or brother).

Rarity didn’t recall ever meeting this griffin, but she knew the griffin’s name all the same: from the stories Sweetie Belle had told her, it could only be Gabby.

This is the line that broke me.

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