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Have you ever felt that you're the only pony is all of Equestria who was struggling, with problems that nopony else could ever possibly comprehend? You're not alone.

Driven to be perfect to impress her friends, Rainbow Dash finds herself turning to extreme methods to keep herself looking good and in top shape. However, her friends become concerned when the heart-wrenching effects of her behavior become easily noticeable to them.

Color me Rainbow is an ambitious tale that brings a common problem many people face in real life, into the world of Equestria. Named after the real-life novel, Color Me Invisible, Color me Rainbow explores the devastating effects of eating disorders in a society where one would think that such things should not exist.

Fanmade music video by Fictionland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvwUc9VQYr4& Courage - Superchick

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Uhh.. interesting, ill track


Poor Rainbow. And anyone else that has to go through this. Have known a few, helped them through it, slowly though, heaven knows... Tracked. For Rainbow, for them, and for everyone else who lives like this.

An entire chunk of her esophagus fucking melted away?

And she just walked away..


EDIT: Holy shit, I regret posting this, sorry.

That tends to happen with bulimics. They get desensitized to it.

EDIT: It's all good.

Heh, first! Epic. I cant wait for more chapters :3

Damn, this is some pretty serious shiz.. Have to say though, it's quite an interesting idea, and the execution is good indeed.

Just a few grammer mistakes, but overall well-written. I'll be keeping an eye on this, and I'm looking forward to more!:twilightsmile:


I realize I let some mistakes by. I'll probably go through what I have so far with a fine-tooth comb before writing more.

That's what if feels like to have an eating disorder? :fluttershysad: That must suck.

:unsuresweetie: I'll never understand what drives a person, or in this case pony, to beat themselves up and call themselves worthless.

It honestly doesn't take much. There are tons of people who just feel like people only like them for what they pretend to be, and will go to extreme measures to keep that persona up. As for eating disorders, most of society has this tendency to think that it's completely voluntary, and that they CHOSE to do what they do (just like any other mental illness.) In reality, it's a lot more than that, and really a pretty major (and common) problem among people of all ages and all genders (not just women).

i like the idea of it. cant wait to see what you do with the rest of the story.

Tough shit you have here. I'm just glad to see this fit in so well. This is a serious problem affecting many teens and even adults that can be easily influenced due to pressure / stress. I just like how you chose the write character to face this problem, and you write so true to the case that it often makes me wonder... did you or another person you know have trouble with bulimia? :rainbowhuh:

:fluttershysad: Man, it really hurts to see Rainbow Dash like this.

Simply put, I've been around eating disorders in general quite a bit. As far as character selection, I figured the two most likely to have an eating disorder would be Rainbow and Rarity. However, Rainbow seemed much more likely to overeat then purge later than Rarity, who if anything would probably be anorexic.

Ultimately, my goal was to capture the effects of bulimia without sugar-coating it at all. I was really going for reactions like this one 222350. I feel that the world as a whole is insensitive to things like eating disorders, especially when they just hear about random people they've never met. I also feel that when you relate it to a beloved cartoon character, it becomes all the more real.


Honestly, to think that people go through that type of shit each day kinda hurts, even if I never met them.

It really is sad. A lot of people don't really understand stuff like this though. They think it's just people being stupid.

Well you certainly got the right reaction from me. I know what people feel because I used to be a teen counselor. Tough things to deal with.


I don't understand it myself, but I know that it's defiantly not the victim's fault.

Well-written and eye-opening, for me anyways. I'm usually one for more light-hearted stuff, but this story; it's an eye-opener, but has a top-notch story to back it up. Can't wait to read more from you.

When will people realize that human beings are not supposed to have flat stomachs? We aren't even supposed to have six-packs (well maybe a drink here and there, but...); we're SUPPOSED to have a little meat on our bones. Having a spare tire isn't unhealthy at all; it's what we are naturally SUPPOSED to look like (as long as it's not like a monster truck tire). Not only are the weight goals the media forces on people unrealistic; they're extremely unhealthy.

Awsome fanfic. I've always liked happy endings. :twilightsmile:

wish it was a bit longer, but i still liked it nonetheless.

I'd actually had a bit more planned, but didn't go through with it because it seemed to be such a good place to end it.

I feel like I don't see Rainbow the same way anymore.:applejackunsure:

If only it was that easy :pinkiesad2:

You have just changed the way I see Rainbow Dash from now on, good job?

Yeah, nothing's ever that easy in the real world. Also, I'll take that as a complement

Crap! I had this exact same idea! You beat me to it! :(

So Fluttershy has always known about Rainbow Dash's illness? That's not good, because she's a co-dependent, so she's just as guilty for what's happening to Rainbow Dash. I hope she tells the others about what's happening to Rainbow Dash, because that's what good friends do.

Ahhhh, is it over already? The ending to this chapter makes it appear that the story could be continued, but whatever, it's your story and so you have every right to end it when you see fit. I just wish the story was a bit longer, delving more into Rainbow Dash's psyche. The voice seemed to be controlling her, which would have made for some interesting back and forth conversations between her and it. This was a very good fanfic, one that I enjoyed. Still, I am depressed because I was planning on doing a story exactly like this, where Rainbow Dash is struggling with self-image issues and goes to extreme lengths to maintain a healthy weight and figure. Oh, well, I suppose I could have one of the others going through this, or I could have Rainbow Dash being anorexic.

I'm sorry if this sounds rude but you kept switching tense.

Again, sorry to be the one pointing out errors in a powerful story, but you use the wrong word here.

A small container, typically cylindrical and made of glass, used esp. for holding liquid medicines.

I believe you mean to use vile.
Extremely unpleasant.
Morally bad; wicked: "as vile a rogue as ever lived".
mean - base - villainous - nasty - foul - scurvy - sordid

This is very powerful. No more needs to be said. A well-deserved like and fav.


Yes I did mean to use vile. In general this story is in need of more editting. I'll try to do that if I get the time.

It does seem like there's a lot more I could do. I have plans for a continuation of sorts, but I haven't found the time to write it yet.

2412321 No problem. We all make mistakes.

@Prince Colgate

That's fine. Don't worry about it. Take as much time as you need. You can't rush art, after all. I look forward to reading the continuation of this story. :)

This story really made me think more about eating disorders in general. It really hits home with your use of RD as the character. The type of issue that you addressed has been overlooked by most teens and adults because they simply don't know how widespread it is. This was an overall powerful story and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for your kind words. Looking back on it over a year later, I'm actually very proud of this piece. I feel like I should do more work like this in the future.

Ya know, you're right. This is a very late response, and you've probably forgotten about me by now, but I think I'm gonna start writing more stories like this. Stories that express topics I believe in through ponies.

First I'm gonna finish this one. I don't really like the way it ended. I had talked about a spiritual sequel of sorts before, but I realized all it needs is a real final chapter. A few issues I didn't cover.

4508628 I hope I do not disappoint.

Wait....this fic is still alive!? I thought this died a looong time ago :pinkiecrazy: happy to see you and this fic are still kicking.

Why would she throw up in the bathtub? What about the toilet?

Ummm... is anybody gonna question why she puked out a severed bone? :rainbowhuh:

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