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What makes a friendship strong?

The Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt to resolve this question for a melancholic Silver Spoon in order to help her face the fact that she and Diamond Tiara have drifted apart.

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Always Have pictured Silver Spoon as the less snobby out of the two. Got a bit of a soft spot for her. This was a really nice story.

Nicely done, although I also would have liked to see more :)

Silver Spoon is the follower - a less dominant and less aggressive personality than Diamond Tiara. I'm pretty sure that DT will cut her loose eventually, especially if she makes friends with the fillies of the rich Canterlot social set. It isn't appropriate for a rich young filly like DT to be seen associating with a rustic nobody like Spoony!

I pretty much expect this to happen one day, really, although I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being far more willing on Silver Spoon's part. She's definitely the nicer of the two, and could be a decent pony once she gets away from Diamond. Eventually you just get sick of being around people who exude nothing but negativity, and sorta ask yourself why you're even hanging around them anymore. I know I went through that more than once when I was a kid, and it sure didn't feel like I was really losing much.

Finally, Silver Spoon comes out with it, but this brings cheerfulness to my heart. This is actually a nice story!

:moustache: this story was in my favorites list for a while..... felt like reading this fic again....... still awsome! :twistnerd::heart:

wonder what happens to diamond tiara next..... she'd probably give silver and the cmc's shit too. or she moves away. or she gets new friends and stays far away. conflicting headcannons here.... sorry.:raritywink:

>There are not enough stories that deal with the relationship between Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. There needs ta be more.<

Heh. You know what else was a weak friendship?

Apple Bloom and Twist. When was the last time those two hung out?

5855896 yeah Applebloom is such a hypocrite. She worries that her friends may abandon her if they get their mark first which is exactly what Bloom did to Twist. I have mixed emotions about this fic, because 1. I support a strong bond between Diamond and Silver and 2. I had a friend like this Diamond once. The kind that just stops talking to you for no reason accept to phase you out.:unsuresweetie:

still well written and def up voting.:twilightsmile:

One thing I did find peculiar. First Sweetie and Scootaloo were arguing back and fourth IN CLASS while Cheerilee was lecturing and yet Applebloom was the first to yell at them and silence them.:twilightoops:

I enjoyed this story. It was simple, yet sweet. I expected you to delve deeper into the reasons as to why Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had drifted apart, but I suppose not everyone gets to find out exactly what broke down their friendship with someone. Thank you for sharing. :twilightsmile:

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