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Set after "Ponyville Confidential."

Gabby Gums published Rarity's diary, but what exactly was in that diary?

The answer is endlessly complicated. One of the entries published forces Rarity to confront her feelings about Spike. The two have a talk about the nature of their relationship.

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Very nicely done! The conversation between Rarity and Spike was very real to me and Spikes reaction was perfect.

6957747 Thanks a lot! I appreciate that.

:moustache: Hey Twilight Rarity said not to wait for her
:twilightblush: you're handling IT rather well I thought you'd be crying and stuff
:moustache: I did see Mayor Mare for papers
:twilightoops: A restraining order?
:moustache: Thinking positive It was the Crusaders idea
:moustache: Marriage Certificate :raritystarry:
:unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel: CUTY MARKED CRUSADERS EXPIDITERS ! YAY
:raritycry: SWEETIE BELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was really sweet. I enjoy talks between Rarity and Spike that are a bit more nuanced than Rarity casually dismissing Spike for whatever reason.

That said, I have to question the timeframe. Is this happening right after Ponyville Confidential? If so, than the Crystal Empire shouldn't be back yet. This is a nitpick, admittedly.



Hey, don't feel bad. I promise I'll only judge you silently. It'll be harsh judgement, yes, but very silent. :raritywink:

6957875 Ponyville Confidential was the 23rd episode of the 2nd season. The Crystal Empire was the 1st and 2nd of the 3rd. I have no trouble believing that the events in between passed in such a whirlwind that they simply didn't have time to talk until after The Crystal Empire.

IOW: it's not as bad as you might think.

6958087 And now I feel moderately better. Thanks for the comment, and the reassurance. :derpytongue2:

This was pretty cute. Good job.

I love it :ajsmug:

Bittersweet. I love it.

Well then. That was depressing, and almost a little too perfect. But it's still lovely.

6957859 All we know is that the events of Seasons 1-3 were at least a year, Mare in the Moon happened first, and Magical Mystery Cure happened last. Everything else is up in the air. So, this interpretation of events is just as valid as any other.

Wonderfully poignant! It's been awhile since I've seen a really good sparity fic published that's moved me enough to think about the status of their relationship once more.

I wonder if Spike would counter her argument about not waiting for her with one of his own - that even a century is merely a day to him and even if he had to wait that long to improve his chances of being with her, it would be worth it? Of course finding out somepony else has feelings for him complicates matters. :ajsmug:

Spike looked back up at Rarity's face. Something in her tone helped him find his voice. “Of course I forgive you, Rarity,” he said. “You don't have anything to be sorry for.”

In a funny little twist of fate, a guy friend of mine said the same thing to me once a upon a time. Of course it was over me apologizing for something I did to him and he said that I didn't have anything to be sorry for either. I wonder if all guys say that sort of thing. Thankfully, it wasn't like my secret got out to the entire school or something.

Great story by the way.

A lovely bittersweet story. I appreciate that Rarity recommended Scootaloo out of the CMC... kind of an under appreciated ship there.

I appreciate the comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. And yeah, Scoota-Spike is severely underappreciated. I don't have anything against SpikeBloom or SweetieSpike, but there's something about shipping him with Scootaloo that I just find really cute.

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