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Salutations! "nothing is certain, doubt everything except your head and your heart." - Steadfast Hoof :moustache: spike is best dragon


Thanks to Discord, Applejack and Rarity are both sick with the blue flu, and its up to Spike to nurse his crush back to health.

cover image done by Rare-Rarity-FAN

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That was lovely. I have to admit I've never seen this exact version of Spike before, yes I've seen the stern Spike, the wimpy Spike, the ladykiller Spike, the normal Spike but this Spike...it's special. It has the nonchalance of the Spike from the show, but also the selflessness, honor, and poise only hinted at in the show. This is the first time I've seen Rarity trying to admit to Spike that she's falling for him, but he stops her. It's one aspect of the pair I rarely see and you've done it wonderfully.:pinkiehappy:

Oh and the last couple paragraphs were adorable
"Spike! Don't tell Twilight!"
Oh my gosh I died at that :duck:

Wonderful story. I loved it. I actually wanted to make something like this a little while ago, but you beat me to it. Still, a lovely and cute story that I thoroughly enjoyed. Bravo.

Being a huge fan of Sparity, i can't help but love this story, especially since it's Rarity that tells her love to Spike. If I were to make one complaint, is that the capitalization is completely off in the later half, mostly for the dialogue. But overall i think it's pretty good.

I'll admit I was little worried about reading this based on the description. The issue being you didn't capitalize Spike, but you started out well and the story was pretty solid, sadly halfway through you stopped capitalizing names again. Spike, Rarity, Twilight, all should always be capitalized when used as proper names. You also missed a few caps at the start of sentences. Do yourself a favor: Fix it in the description, fix it in the story. Your story will attract more readers and it'll read better. All of which makes you look better as a author. It was a good story, very cute, and I'd hate to have it getting looked over because of such a silly and easily fixed mistake. Rarity and Spike are genuinely well characterized and the story does everything it sets out to do in a big way.

P.S. Gesundheit the name of the chapter should also be capped. Also Spike has never refered to himself as a baby, you may wish to change that to "young."

Comment posted by Inferno demon Dash deleted Jan 24th, 2017

This was really well done! Though, I would've loved to read about what happened to Applejack. But this was great!

Man, one of the best spirity fics I have ever Read... Lovely and smoothie...
Looking forward the your next fic...

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