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Nice lovely little short:twilightsmile:

7724710 Thanks for enjoying it :pinkiehappy:

Awww! So cute! A few of the sentences could be redone, but other than that; it was awesome! May I read your story on Youtube please? :)

7728715 I'm glad you like it! Sure you can! I would love a reading of this on YouTube!

7729297 Great! And thanks! ;) :rainbowkiss:

7729467 Awesome! I can't wait. Show me the reading or send me the link when your done. Your welcome :twilightsmile:

7729791 OK! Will do! ;)

You should write a fan fiction where spike tickles rarity.

7733182 You know I haven't thought about that! :) Thats a good idea

7736787 Can you make sure you have it up by tomorrow or the next day?

7737430 I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it tomarrow. I'm going to be very busy tomarrow. I have my morning job and then night welding class

7737444 here are some details that needed to be included in the story: being tied down to the bed, the magic dampener, tickling the belly and the hooves. Can you be able to do that?

7729297 is it true the little shy is the best i think not Natasha is the best at killing tiny baby cowards she is the best weapon for any problem heavy is right yes?

7762934 ......What? :unsuresweetie: Did you get that from Team Fortress 2? (Is this a troll comment)

7763229 little shy pony is right but how does shy pony compete with Natasha hmm?

7768012 Lol I love that game.

7770161 little shy pony is right
tho i have to warn you blue team is out
just wisper heavy and natasha will save the day

"Finally!! I thought it would never happen the way you two go about it. Oh dear Celestia! You two took longer to get together than for me and Flash Sentry!" Twilight exclaimed in annoyance. Twilight led Rarity into the library and Rarity prepared to confess to Spike.

Why use Flash Sentry, why, the amount of people who like him Is so small and niche that there is few to no fics of him and twilight on fimfiction, so use somepony else, anypony else!

8451343 Sorry he was the only one I could think of at the time

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