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Avid MLP fan, part-time artist and writer, full time software engineer. I've usurped this cute, underappreciated, background pony for myself! =D

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Status update! · 1:49am May 21st, 2016

After recovering a bit from my sinus issues, I finally found my characters' voices again and managed to get half of chapter 7 written down. But I hit another writer's block when I realized I needed to focus more on Filthy Rich in this chapter than I was, so getting things reorganized is slowing things down a bit.

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2462402 Aye, the next chapter is partially completed. I'm just dealing with things going on in life, that's all. If I knew it would take this long to get the next chapter out I would have marked the story as on hiatus.

Instead of adding to the next new chapter when I was busy working on it every evening, I kept rewriting what I already wrote, which is why I never changed the story status to hiatus. Basically thinking it was always just a few weeks away from completion. =|

Are you ever going to finish Dragons Eat Diamonds, Don't They? :trixieshiftright:

Thanks for the fave on Ember, Hoardsmelter.

1944773 I know, right? :pinkiehappy:

Best background pony

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