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List of Collaborations and things that I collaborated in

Rhythm and Harmony: The Octascratch Prompt Collab ->

My first collaboration, it's supposed to show cute, sad, dark, or whatever kind of moment between Octavia and Vinyl "Pon3" Scratch, it follows no continuity, but I quite like it. It also got on the popular box, once, though that was before my stories were added.

The Diamond Cutter Anthology

Who doesn't love a bully? Plenty of people, but I always had a soft spot for Diamond Tiara, this collab is meant to show different views of her as seen by different people, and it's one heck of a read!

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Comment posted by the parasprite deleted Jun 12th, 2015
Comment posted by the parasprite deleted Jun 12th, 2015

You have an odd mind. You thought I was talking about mare mares and colt colts! The explicit kind! But I lov it work!

Instant follow!!!

1463334 No problem, I'd favorite it anyway, but it makes even more sense now, given I wrote 3 stories for the collab, no?

Thank you for uniting us!

Thanks for the fave on the Octascratch Prompt Collab!

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