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1. Only stories with the Slice of Life tag are permitted.

2. All submissions must be recommended works, not stories written by those submitting.

3. Only Everyone and Teen rated fics allowed. No mature.

4. No romance fics, as friendships and familial relationships are more in line with this group's focus.

5. To keep the group's focus on the simpler, more family-friendly Slice-of-Life fics, stories with any of the following tags are prohibited: Sex, Narcotics, Dark, Horror, Gore, Fetish, and Suicide/Self-Harm. Additionally, diaper fics and ABDL, rape, foalcon, selfcest, and incest are also prohibited topics in submitted works.

6. The grammar in submitted stories must be good, with a preference for excellent. A small number of mistakes in a fic is understandable, but stories with many errors or difficult-to-read structuring issues will need revision before submission. For your convenience, the grammar guide can be found here.

7. The language in submitted fics can never be vulgar. If it would not be spoken in an episode, then it cannot be in a story submitted to this group.

8. Do place the submitted story in all the correct folders.

9. Each individual submitting will please try to limit the number of submissions to up to 2 or 3 fics a day.

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