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Twilight Sparkle summons Fluttershy and Pinkie over when she has a new spell that should let her see into different realities. She wants to see if there was really an endless number of possible realities. Pinkie ends up having Twilight royally mess up the spell; it gets overcharged and switches their Fluttershy for a different reality's Fluttershy.

Both Fluttershys have to adjust to their new lives, all while Twilight tries to find a way to switch them back.

Co-written by Poison Cure
Edited by Lathier

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If you're looking... I could totes proofread. :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, this is great. I look forward to reading more, this is a great concept and you're a great author (you did the Introspective series, right? I love your stuff!) Aside from some minor technical stuff, this is a very promising start to a story! The only question: With Flutterdash and Twinkie already in play, will we not get to see any RariJack? :raritydespair:

2808187 There will be a bit of RariJack, yes! X3 It's just not quite focused on.

And yes, I wrote the Introspective stories. :derpytongue2:


:rainbowlaugh: But seriously, you're great. I love you...r work. :twilightblush:

Well, this sure is an intriguing set up... can't wait to see more. :pinkiegasp:

2808255 :pinkiehappy: Thanks very much!

2808269 Good! Feel intrigued! There's more fun to come! :rainbowkiss:


No problem! :twilightsmile: I really look forward to reading this, and like I said, if you do end up wanting a pre-reader, drop me a PM!

(to be honest, when I read the description I was expecting something like this, but your story seems different so props for originality!

2808326 No worries, the alternate reality doesn't have them as exact opposites of themselves. X3 You'll see as you go along! It isn't black and white opposite. X3

no one gets in the way of pinkie and twilight's love!:flutterrage: ha anyway back to the story. i like this but isn't Pinkie messing up Twilight's spell a bit overused? For once why can't it be spike who messes up her spell its always pinkie it seems like. :applejackunsure:

2808694 Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :yay: The cover was easy to put together, so thank you! :twilightsmile:

So are we going to see punk Flutters punch Rainbow in the face? I hope so.

Hey, it's goo to read some TwiPie in your fictions, that's always cute :pinkiesmile: . Oh and yeah FLUTTERBITCH HAS RETURNED. who's assertive now, Dashie ? :flutterrage:

Considering who the writer is, if you didn't expect Flutterdash then just :facehoof: Also the word I think you want is focal point not vocal point

Lol, although I kinda saw this coming

This story would have been 120% better without the focus on shipping. It literally ruins it for me. Why can't we ever get story like this without shipping? Srsly every damn fic I see is a shipfic.

I love the concept sure, but main6 shipping is just stupid. You can never get it right because it's an impossibility which makes it seem so forced or fake to me. It doesn't help when your description for the story had no mention of Flutterdash or twinkie so I couldn't even prepare myself for it. I was intrigued soley by the alternate universe and rift idea. This is exactly why I'm writing my own fic on this subject. With pretty much 0% shipping. There may be hints of ships but it's nothing that will get in the way of the story or feel fake! It will be amazing.

I don't think you could tell the same story with out the shipping in it seeing as it's a main plot point. See though, it's only nessisary so far for FlutterDash. I don't think it was necessary for Twinkie. Also you could have presented the FlutterDash a little less hamfistedly. Not sure how you'd do that because I'm not a shipping master considering I don't read shipping. When I noticed the romance tag, I never thought it would be more relevant than the AU tag. Please for the love of god don't include RariJack. The less shipping the better. and if it's not essential or won't add anything anyway, what's the point? It's just to stuff your fantasy into the fic rather then teling an invigorating story.

These are strictly my opinions. Logistically, the fic is a success. It works well for those who like shipping and is told pretty damn well. Needs a few fixes here and there to help flow and fix grammatical errors. I noticed you Italicized something that wasn't suppose to be among other similar errors.

Also why do so little people actually indent their paragraphs? Srsly is it that fucking hard?

2809922 Yes because it's essential to know every damn Writer on FiMfiction and their previous works.

2812248 Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, but that's how the story came out. The romance element plays a part in the entire journey. And if you don't like that, no problem. Don't read it if really doesn't appeal to you. You're not going to offend me if you don't read it or you don't like an element of it.

The fact is, this is our story, and we wrote it out this way. If you want to write your own take on this idea, with or without shipping, be our guest. You have fun with that and do what YOU think would appeal to your own ideals of what makes a good story. And I can promise you with all that I have that I would not come and review that saying "MORE SHIPPING!" because that would be absurd. It's not my story, it'd be yours, and you have full control of the content.

Why don't you let us do our thing, and you go do yours? Because if you have that much displeasure with the shipping element, then you're not going to enjoy this story.

2813223 You don't have to sound so mad about it you know. At the end, I did give legit advice.

Well I see where you and Poison cure are going with this story and for an intro it's getting good so far. I think it's safe to assume that you two are only giving us the two universes, any other universe added in would probably be more distracting from the story at least that's what I think.

2813251 I'm not mad, not at all. I'm only being honest about this entire thing.

But yes, there are some minor issues that need to be addressed, that is indeed legitimate advice.

2813264 Yes, we are focusing on just those two universes. It really would get distracting and way too confusing if we brought in several more. The implication is that there ARE more out there, but we are focusing on this one here and the other alternate.

2813321 Good good, you two have fun writing more of this :pinkiesmile:

I take it pinkie's not your favorite character or i am reading this wrong since most writers like making pinkie the one to mess up the spell never anyone else.:moustache:

2813608 Not at all! I love Pinkie! I love all of the Main Six. X3 She just happened to mess up the spell, it wasn't a reflection of dislike to her character, not at all. :pinkiesmile:

Oh i see now.:pinkiehappy: You get an idea and sticks with ya and it nags at you until you write it down. Either way update soon i can't wait for more this is getting interesting.:scootangel:

Man, I haven't read a story on Fimfiction in SO long. This is great, so far. And when I read the description, I guessed no Flutterdash, for some reason. I should have expected it, though. Seeing on how it says you switched the Fluttershys.

And my guess for the different Fluttershy is that RD didn't stand up to those bullies when they were fillies. It's just a guess, and please don't say yes or no. I want it to be a surprise.

You left some editing in the story. Other than that, seems to be going pretty well.

2842617 XD Way ahead of you, I already removed them.

I'm really liking this except I don't think you should have made Twilight an Alicorn in the alternate universe. It just doesn't make sense that Celestia or Luna or whoever is in charge here would have made this Twilight a princess.

How did Twilight become an alicorn if she can't even do magic properly without Pinkamena's supervision? Her ascension came as a direct result of being a magical prodigy, then studying magic under Celestia, then mastering the most potent form or magic (friendship). If she's a ditz who can't control her spells, how'd she pass magic kindergarten? How'd she get into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns? How'd she not fail as ?celestia's personal student? Etcetera. That really bugs me, as either a) Pinkie should be an alicorn because she's the smart one, which makes no sense because she can't do magic and as such should never have been in Canterlot to impress Celestia with her raw power, or b) Twilight should have failed as a magic student and never left Canterlot, so why didn't Nightmare Moon win and how did the Mane Six all come to be friends?

2843447 We actually have a prequel in mind that will explain all of that. :pinkiehappy: But in the meantime, some exposition to that will be explained later on in the story.


Cool, that definitely puts my mind at ease.

(Also: Spike is a bad cook? :moustache:<--->:unsuresweetie:? That gives us an idea as to your CMC ships! :P)

2843685 :rainbowlaugh: Nope, that's not quite it! It just kind of came out that way. XD


You know, writing this, I had same thought. If you follow logic (and if this was the exact same reality), there would be a lot of problems with Twilight being a alicorn and not being very smart. But, there is a bit logic behind it all, I promise.

Yes, we do have plans to do prequel set entirely in this alt. universe (as we love it too much not to more with it) that will explain a lot of these differences and how they happened. I really don't wanna give a lot away, but will say this: PInkamena and Twi-Twi know one another very well and have for a long time ( we kinda say this bluntly later and tease at it a lot). Also, about Nightmare Moon... Note the phrase 'oh dear Luna' is used a lot in the alt. universe. :pinkiehappy:

Also, Spike as a bad cook... :twilightblush: Well, we couldn't think of anything to change about Spike, as he is mostly raised by Twilight, but since this Twi-Twi can cook really well, he never had to learn. So... yeah. Lame excuse from the co-writer.

I almost wish you made Pinkimina an Alicorn and the element of magic. Trying to explain how an earth pony did all that wouldprobably be very interesting.

2844658 It does almost seem logical, but I guess in a way it can mean that being the Element of Magic can be that it's the magic from within.

Man, it felt weird to think of the personality's of certain characters be said and done by someone else. Makes me feel a bit queasy..... :pinkiesick:


That all depends on if it's got anything to do with her brain and training, or if it's just simple genetics. If it was genetics and raw power that caused her to ascend, then she could be as dumb as a rock and still become an alicorn.

Something like 'Her unicorn body could no longer contain the magic she had, so it changed.'


In the show it seemed very much like Celestia deliberately raised her to princess-hood.


Ah, but that's just it. Celestia seemed to do so.

It goes back to what I've said so many times before. 'Different people view different things differently.'

It could have been that Twilight was going to become an alicorn from the time of her birth, once she'd grown into her power. Celestia recognised the vast amounts of magic she held as a foal, and prepared for her to possibly ascend. If Twilight didn't end up ascending, not quite having enough power to do so, she would still be perfect for other high level roles, such as a perfect Adviser, a Researcher, a Mage, etc.

Fanfiction plays with lots of possibilities. Don't just limit yourself to one single one.


If that's your head-canon, that's great! We'll agree to disagree, and hopefully we also agree that whatever the lovely and talented NintendoGal55 and co-writer come up with shall surely be a unique and entertaining story regardless of how it fits with either of our head-canons,

So in this alternate world Luna imprisioned Celestia and all ponies have switched places interesting.:raritystarry:

just curious when you plan on updating?
I've been getting around to my list of unread fics and I-I... I just want more...

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