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Oh gosh, that was just beautiful. I love how you write in an almost poetic sense. First "A Sky and It's Anchor," now this. Keep on writing these amazing AppleDash masterpieces! :heart:

Absolutely fantastic.:pinkiehappy: I'm not usually into stories like this, but I was on edge and loving it the entire way through.:heart: Kind of wish this was a multi-chapter story.:raritydespair:

Beautifully written, although perhaps a bit too poetic for Rainbow Dash to be the narrator.

My only issue with it is the following:

Apple Bloom then turns to me, her amber eyes flickering like candles. "Good mornin', Aunt Rainbow! How's the apple buckin'?"

"Good bye, Applejack!" Apple Bloom calls back. She then giggles towards me. "Good bye, Aunt Rainbow."

"Why is your lil' sis calling me..." I grimace at the term. "Calling me her 'Aunt?'"


"Well, with you bein' around so much and all, it seems like a good way of explainin' things to Apple Bloom."

"Uh huh, sure." I raise an eyebrow. "Except for—y'know—the fact that it's not true."

You chuckle again. "Oh come on now, sugarcube..."

"We are sooooo not sisters, AJ. Eeeyugh!" I shake my head, clutching the water bottle.

A sister's sister is also a sister. An aunt is a parent's sister.

Other than that, a very charming scene. Keep on Appledashing!

"Well excuse me, Professor of Applenomics!"

Someone should make this a story. Applejack introduces a new class in school. For some reason Rainbow Dash is also sitting at a schoolbench :pinkiehappy:

as if my eyesight is tethered by a magical anchorline.

What you did there, I see it

And thank you for pointing this out to me. I can't believe I'm not following this author yet. Time to correct this mistake.:twilightsheepish:

I very much like your writing style, I'm just wondering... is AppleDash the only thing you do? or are there other pairings? :twilightblush:

I really enjoyed the story, the whole steam rolling dashie was priceless, all in all very heart warming. Thumbs up, faved and watched

This is just beautiful. Seriously. Rainbow seems a bit poetic but hell I don't think it's really a stretch at all for her to think like this. It just adds to the awesome.

I haven't had a story move me... hell, make me basically feel what the character is feeling/thinking quite like this one does. It's very well written.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

1975931 Professor of Applenomics! Alright. I'll definitely keep this in mind! :rainbowlaugh:
And I had the same reaction when I noticed I wasn't following this writer. "Let's fix this shall we?" :trixieshiftright:
1975722 Despite Dash not really being that poetic, this story is still beautiful :heart:

And this story just got featured! I do hope more people read this. :twilightsmile:

Excellent, your style is beautiful. Perhaps a bit flowery for Rainbow Dash, but this story would lose a lot if you simplified the prose any.

I really dont know what to say. That was beautiful :) Your Poetic stile of writig left me with a calm and relaxed feeling. :twilightsmile: I really want to say more but i just dont now what to say.

This is a beautifully well put together story. The thing is, I can't help but think it would have been a ton better if it was written only from first person perspective instead of first to second. (I've always found second person storylines to be a bit jarring.) Still, very well done, and I'll be giving you a well deserved thumbs up on this.

Quite lovely, and deserves more attention than it's received. The perspectives are hard to nail down initially but they resolve themselves fairly quickly. The voices are spot-on and the little hints are well done: everyone knows it's all but a done deal except RD, and that's only because she won't admit it (yet).

Spam the groups and throw up some cover art - this slice of AppleDash really needs to be seen by a wider audience.

Gold star and thumbs up for you!

awww, it's so sweet :3
And Dash's abliviousness to the obvious is just perfectly hilarious :heart:
You've done a great job here :3

I especially love the resolution and the happy ending :3

Man, that was really well written. I enjoyed the perspective and swapping between her thoughts and what was happening.

this line is so good:
I give into honesty. I always do.

It could use a little polish, but otherwise this is a wonderful little read.

On one hand, I'm not sure Rainbow's thoughts are quite so poetic. She's more the brash, simple-minded, easy-worded pony. Applejack, on the other hand, comes across to me like a pony who takes her time more – despite outward appearances – with her thoughts. I could see this being written from Applejack's point of view. To read it from Rainbow's perspective, though, I kind of have to tilt my head and squint a bit. It doesn't kill the fic by any means. Lord knows, I love it when someone can work poetry into a fiction. I sure can't, and for that you deserve brownie points.

Rainbow's frustrations are real, and Applejack's compassion in-line. In fact, that's what they both are: In-line with what they are. These are the characters as they are in the show, but slightly tweaked as they would be in a relationship. Applejack is a bit more understanding and patient, while Rainbow Dash is more easy to frustrate and feel inadequate. They're essentially the same ponies, just magnified, and nicely-so.

This was kind of short, so I don't have all that much to say about it, but perhaps an editor to go through and help spot the grammar mistakes and typos would help in your future endeavors.

Happy writing!

This was alright, but calling Applejack "You" throughout the story was really distracting and felt wrong to me somehow. I understand why sometimes authors do it, but it just didn't feel right in this story at all.



*sigh* ....Home. :pinkiesad2:

This is the best therapy for any readers of Appledashery frustrated by the lack of actual AppleDash.

Agreed. Agreed on so many levels. The unrequited love is killing me!

I don't like stories written in first person. Especially when they portray an existing character instead of an OC. I can't really tell you why, though. It somehow just doesn't feel right.

But... here I am. Thumb up, favorite, a place on my recommendation-shelf... I sat here in silence for a few minutes, trying not to tear up. Your story was touching. Against all odds, it was. I got here in the first place, because bookplayer recommended it. And I am so, so grateful, that she did. And that you wrote this story.

Thank you.


like he said. This is what I imagine the fluffy ending cuteness of Appledashery will be like.

I haven't read a romance story this good in a long time. Added to my favorites and my e-book collection.

This was beautiful.

I stumbled upon this by accident, and I can say in all honesty I don't regret it.

Okay this was just too darn cute for it own good. Fantastic story!:scootangel:

Nicely done. I love a good AppleDash story. :)

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