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Donnys Boy

My name is Donny's Boy. I ship ponies.


A series of mini stories exploring the relationship between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Most will be romantic in nature.

Current ficlet: "The Homecoming"

Synopsis: They say you can never go home again ... but what do they know?

Cover image is courtesy of my infinitely more talented Beloved Spouse.

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What's this?
A new fic of my favourite ship by the bloke who wrote Not Unless You Mean It?
I'll just put a track on that...

Wow, I love this! Quite excited to see what else you have in store for us!

Cute! Dorky, but very cute! I like it

that sounds like the sign of a good beginning, continue

Thanks, y'all! I shall endeavor not to suck at these.

Also, unless otherwise noted, all the little mini-fics will exist independently of one another. Just to prevent some folks from getting headaches from trying to make all of the stories fit together into one cohesive whole.

This is so unbelievably adorable; definitely following. And don't worry, I don't think it's even possible for you to suck at writing. I'm really looking forward to the next one. :pinkiesmile:

Heh, nice one. :heart:
Another enjoyable read.

hahhah yeah
make more

Thanks! :) And thanks for droppin' by AbsoluteAnonymous--very honored to have you 'round these parts.

Aw, that was kinda sad, those "Growing old" stories always kill me :pinkiesad2:

So, how did she die? just old age?

can we learn what happened with the corn cakes?

The title of this chapter is brilliant.

I don't even KNOW, man. But it was a lot of corncakes. A LOT of corncakes. Undoubtedly double digits.

She gets hungry, y'know?

Dunno! Kinda had it in the back of my mind that she died youngish, maybe the pony equivalent of early middle age, and died doing something stupid but awesome (or brave and selfless). At any rate, Pinkie and AJ have made their annual visit to the hill many, many times.

Thank you! What a kind comment. I like playing around with titles and seeing if I can use them to enhance the story proper.

What a cute couple :pinkiesad2:
Too bad it won't last forever

I love A.J.'s little line at the end. :ajbemused:

Thanks, y'all!

Heh, thanks. I love how AJ often functions as the "straight man" in the show. The straight man is often the funnier one, I think, in the straight man/funny guy pair.

The author's note is pretty much the thought that went through my head when I started reading.

Typical of Dash to be totally oblivious to Pinkie's feelings, assuming she was.

It's all very bittersweet, I like it.

you hit me like a train....especially with that last sentence lulz
blindsided by flutterdash....XD
nice one,

Icy wut u did thar.


Oh, lord, I think I hurt myself from laughing. I can't decide which was funnier -

"Oh, my gosh! The unicorn forces are invading!"


"Actually, uh, this is totally what it looks like."

I love how the section told from RD and PP's perspective manages to stay in character the whole time, calling Dash he and referring to them as Chancellor Puddinghead and Commander Hurricane, even when Twilight interrupts them.

That was a nice change of pace from the bittersweet tone of other recent chapters. Don't get me wrong, I like more emotional stories as well, but Pinkie and Dash deserve to be happy and silly together. But hopefully they remember to lock the door the next time they have roleplaying night.

Awww, come on! If you're going to burn them, you can just let them keep them instead! :rainbowdetermined2: :pinkiehappy:

Nah, Twilight would never make Pinkie disappear forever. An hour or two, sure, but not forever.

I have no idea what you're talking about ... *shifty eyes*

So glad you found it funny! I'm always nervous doing comedy. It's been said, and I tend to agree, that comedy is harder than drama, so I always worried that what seems funny in my head won't seem funny on the page.

And Pinkie and Dash totally DO deserve to be silly and happy. And I always start with the intention of writing something like that, and then I end up killing off characters or having characters die without having confessed their eternal love or something.

I think romantic angst is my kryptonite.

Ha, that's exactly what my spouse said. But I think Twilight will try to confiscate and burn the costumes, just for the sake of vengeance.

but i thought.... i thought their love never was? they seem so happy....

Pinkie Pie is such a dork... But, the cute, lovable dork. :pinkiehappy:

WOW. Just....wow. Best. Chapter. EVER. :heart:

Thanks, y'all!

Yeah, the title fits part one of the story better than it fits part two. Maybe I shoulda given each section subtitles. I dunno.

Pinkie is totally a cute and lovable dork--though, much as I love her, she can't quite compete with Twilight's complete adorkableness.

Author's Note=Massive LOL. Good job on all these short stories.

Author's Note=Massive LOL. Good job on all these short stories.

I think this is the best one so far out of all of them. Ya know... just saying... :pinkiesad2:

Ignore the previous comment from the previous chapter. This blows that last one away hard.

Please make a prat two of this, like you did for The Lovers that Never Were. I really enjoyed the fatherly sort of thing Mr. Cake had going on, and liked seeing Pinkie's reaction on meeting RD for the first time. Never thought how that went before.

The first meeting of Pinkie and Rainbow; wonderfully done!

"Some ponies just like to watch the world burn..."

Why ponies just don't lock their doors... or knock on 'em.

You know what? I f*ckin' love you "Author"!!!

I love the whole Papa Wolf vibe Mr. Cake has going on; it was there in Not Unless You Mean It, too, I think. I've never seen that characterization of him before, but that's my new headcanon.

This chapter, though short, was seriously adorable. Love at first sight, I guess. :heart:

Pinkie's reaction to RD --> My reaction to each new chapter

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