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Pinkie Pie learns the weirdest thing about ponies in love; they nibble each other’s ears.

But, why?

Pinkie needs to know.

Warning: This story is a slow descent into wat. It’s mainly Random & Slice of Life, with minor Comedy and Romance elements.

An entry for the January 2016 write-off event, with the prompt “Look, I Can Explain…”.

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Never mentioned this in my Writeoff review, but the fact that Pinkie completely bites Dash's ear off while distracting herself with thoughts of cake and frosting is just perfect.

And the character work, more generally, is awfully spot-on for such a random piece.

Turns out my dog's ear is not edible.

And we might not be friends anymore.

Thanks, Pinkie. Hmf. :pinkiegasp:

6917483 Thank you! :>

Also, as a person who most of the time doesn't consider any of his work high-level on many levels, I'm forever going to tell people that I wrote a story that a great writer considered "modern art". :P

Well. That...happened.

Okay, I'll give give you props for this: it's new and original. I've seen ear nibbling done as an affectionate thing among ponies in other stories, but this is the first time I've seen it done where they're edible. And, Pinkie Pie was the perfect character to explore this the true nature of ponies with edible ears.

And, when Pinkie ate Rainbow Dash's ear because she was thinking about cake was just hilarious.

Overall, I have to say that, while the premise borders on bizarre, I like it.


Overall, I have to say that, while the premise borders on bizarre, I like it.

Phew. xP I've been working on writing some of my more bizzare ideas in such a way that they appeal to people other than me, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :>

It's true!

> great writer
Also, flattery will get you everywhere. Do you want an upgrade to "high modern art"? A pull quote for your movie poster? "This absurdist Bildungsroman earnestly deconstructs the moribund obligations of romantic commitment via the metaphor-laden medium of My Little Pony. A true tour de force of ear-nibbling."

6917771 I like that a lot, actually :O

In fact, I may just go ahead and use that as the title of the movie, if you don't mind

Missed it in the write-off but I'm glad I read it in this version. Quite fun and just surreal enough.:twilightsmile:

I tried it and my colleague is now writhing on the ground and yells in something that sounds like pain. Is that supposed to happen?

I have to admit, this grew on me, rather like a pony's ear post-nibbling. I still wonder about the anatomy and biology of it all (Shouldn't there at least be a hole leading to the eardrum?) but this was a fun case of Pinkie Pie being the one confounded by the inexplicable for once. Her desperately echoing what she'd heard before in an attempt to justify herself was especially nice. Thank you for this. :pinkiesmile:

That's a whole lot of WTF. Usually it's Pinkie being the perpetrator and not the victim which is different.

Awesome. I was like "wut?" in the middle but I regretted nothing. :twilightsmile:


I got nothing else. Except that it's quite a change to have Pinkie be the bamboozled one.

This... Was worth every second of reading.

~Skeeter The Lurker


haha just imagin all the little foals at the school the next morning !

So, that's a thing, then.

I don't even know.

Clear evidence that Ponies were designed millenia ago by Princess Celestia... pony ears are made of self-regenerating cake. :trollestia:

pretty sure every part of a pony is edible, if you have a butcher's knife and an oven :trollestia:

are you sure that's a compliment?

6918830 And thank you for reading & providing feedback in the writeoff :3

If that was a serious question (and it probably isn't), context is the first link in 6917771.

Well, of course! It's High Modern Art™! :raritywink:

6920232 I have a feeling it is a compliment, yes, but even if it wasn't, I could always misquote it to my benefit :V

Didn't even read it before adding it to favourites. Just added it from the description and picture.

I like this funny stuff. I like this story.

After reading this, I searched for images of earless ponies. Good job, mate! :moustache:

6920521 Ah yes, favouriting responsibly I see :moustache:

6920615 Glad I could expand your horizons to new earless heights :3

Actually, now I'm kind of curious, too... xP


All of my wat

Alright... That just happened.:rainbowderp:

That was an interesting story. How did you come up with it

It is not often that a story asks me to simply accept something as strange and out of context as this.

I mean

I thought this was going to be an adorable thing with Pinkie Pie going around nibbling random ponies' ears trying to figure out what exactly ear nibbling was. It started out just fine, thinking Fluttershy just had a mark on her ear instead of a whole chunk missing. Then I read "Your ear's gone!"... I had to reread that a few times to make sure I understood that correctly...

You know, this was really crazy. But then at the end, with the context of how weird ponies normally are, it's surprising how much this doesn't seem as impossible.

Wow. Faved and liked. kind of wondering what other anatomical wonders there are. Like sugar being pony dandruff, or something crazy.

“Cool with it? Did you not hear me?” Pinkie walked around to Rainbow’s intact ear and shouted, “I ate your ear!”

“Pinkie, chill, it’s okay,” Rainbow said, pushing her away. “It’ll grow back.”

“Dashie, you don’t understand the implications!” Pinkie grabbed Rainbow by the shoulders and shook her. “You’re edible! How are you alive?

Oh my God. Pinkie is the straight man in this story.

PS Like, fave. It was really good.

I beg your pardon???

What did I just read?:pinkiecrazy:

..... Have you been running lines of scratch-n-sniff pony pictures? Because it's the only explanation I have for a story where Pinkie is the straight man.

Pinkie Pie as the straight man in a comedy...

Welp, now I have officially seen everything. That's it, folks.

6920338 Unfortunately no. Left a bloody taste in my mouth.

This story is filled with wat.

But it has implied Flarity and Rainbowpie.

I like this.

This story made absolutely no sense.

I love it.

A story where Pinkie Pie doesn't know what everypony else does for a change is brilliant!

Good job.

I... No.

Pony ears! The other other white meat!!!!


Pinkie is not the only one who whats to know, In fact Everyone likes to know this.

Unless it's like the Big Question in Doctor who.

The Question is: Doctor Who? (In case no one knows the Question is.)

Well, now we know where Mike Tyson got the idea from. Small cute ponies.

Ok, this is going in the "Comedy" tab of my "WTF did I just read?" folder.

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