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I particularly enjoy the Equestria Girls setting and also have a soft spot for the CMC. Thanks for reading!


This is a one-shot, off the cuff little story written for the sheer amusement of it. The mane six prepare for the shooting of their next episode and the gloves come off. Totally intended to be silly and written as a 1 hour challenge to myself.

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Brilliant. But now I want more.

Nice subversion of all the characters.

That was fun, loved the character inversions you did.

Thanks for the kind words! I had to try my hoof at comedy even if it was short.


That's a neat accolade, thank you!


Well, that was interesting. :twilightsmile: Not sure what to say that hasn't already been said, but I quite enjoyed this. Poor Applejack, though... :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting.Fluttershy = RD,RD = Flutters,Twilight = herself,Rarity = herself,Pinkie = ???,AJ = same as always

3855348 fluttershy= RD , RD = fluttershy pinkamena a classicaly trained shakeperean actress and i always thought she was based on i love lucy ( the dizzy red head)

I'd like to send a letter to Applejack telling her that she's my favorite character. ^^

will there be an EQG Sequel and/or a sequel since the show is over but the comic book is still going w/ a "Season 10" Arc?

"I am NOT a background pony!" :ajsleepy:

Naww, of course you aren't, dear Apple Pony !
Applejack always needs our love, right ?

I've always wanted Rainbow to be shy and sweet! 😍

First comment in 2022. I just went back to this story and love it! I already liked it before but forgot to Favorite so now I did.
BTW my story, MLP ANG: Behind the Scenes is similar and inspired by this so thanks a lot!! :)

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