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I particularly enjoy the Equestria Girls setting and also have a soft spot for the CMC. Thanks for reading!


Usually, the time spent working as a volunteer for the Canterlot Animal Shelter is Fluttershy's most enjoyable part of her week. But when an unexpected arrival shows up, it forces the normally timid Fluttershy to take action.

Set in the Equestria Girls universe, after the events of the movie and after my first story: Rainbow Dash Wants To Fly

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Oh ho. A bit of a slow start, but it certainly ended on an interesting development. And I'm all for a continuation of Rainbow Dash Wants to Fly. My only real complaint is your choice in names. Using normal ones for your OCs only makes the pony names stand out all the more. You may want to rethink that before you get too much further in the story.

In any case, I look forward to more, in regards to both what happened to this instance of Spike and the overarching macro-story.

Okay, this either means that their world's Twilight has moved in or she will in the very near future. Either way, I approve. :moustache:

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I presume, not dragon-spike.

I'm liking how you write Fluttershy, so far!

How much you wanna bet Twilight says she dosen't have a dog?

Spike ran away after Twilight transformed everyone at the parent-teacher conference into potted plants

"Oh...well, I promised Rainbow Dash that I would go to the Volleyball match to watch her and Sunset Shimmer play," Fluttershy said quietly.


Sorry, I got excited.

Plot twist - it's Twi in Spike's body, and the real Twilight has gained the mind of a dog. :twilightoops:


I like your stories you do a good job :twilightsmile:


Thanks! I find her an interesting character to write, trying to capture the spirit of her timidity without falling too far into a stereotype.


Well, Rainbow did say she wanted her on the team :rainbowwild:


Thanks for the kind words! I'm actually a little nervous about the next one, it will be my first attempt at writing ponies.

Oh man. This is heating up.

Well, that's one less cat in the bag...

Man I would be capital-F Freaked Out if I saw a picture of myself at an event I'd never gone to on a stranger's table.

Does this mean we might get a classic Twilight freakout, in the near future?

3235958 What is your definition of clavicle? That word shouldn't be used as an adjective. Also if were Fluttershy I would've hid the picture somewhere Twilight wouldn't look.

Heh, it was actually something my phone's SwiftKey auto-correct thing put in there, that I didn't notice.

Should've been "classic Twilight freakout"... I just went back and edited/fixed that.

If I ever saw myself in a picture and don't remember being at that place, I would ask where "I" was, and go there, and maybe cause a distortion in time and space... or just hug him for an awkward amount of time.

All things considered, I think Twilight's taking this rather well. Most people would be screaming and running from the crazy stalker by this point. About half of them would've forgotten their dog.

In any case, definitely looking forward to more.

Now, things are about to get interesting.

Short update, but very exciting.
His gon be gooooood :3

Applejack has the right idea. A Twilight is on the case. All attempts at obfuscation and information withholding are doomed to failure.
Definitely looking forward to more. The local Twilight is in for one heck of a shock...

Ooooooooo, snap. I love sunset shimmer so much for some reason.

Aww daanngg Simmer just dropped the E Bomb...

Applejack and PINKIE PIE having a QUIET conversation?! do you know who pinkie pie is?!!:pinkiegasp:


Point taken. I'll just assume it was from Fluttershy's perspective and in relative terms was quiet for her. :pinkiecrazy:

3286087 ok then :moustache: I am most grateful, dear sir *bows* :moustache:

Hoo boy. Why do I get the feeling that we'll be hearing about how something isn't scientifically possible next chapter?

In any case, definitely looking forward to more. Especially if Pinkie demonstrates what she meant about physics. :pinkiecrazy:

And now I draw this particular story to a close. It's always a hard choice to decide to mark a story complete when there's so much more that could be told. However, every house has a foundation and I'd like to think my first two Equestria Girls stories have laid that foundation for future stories. And I like when a story has an end rather than rambles.

It may be a little bit before I return to the Equestria Girls universe, I'm currently working on a Cutie Mark Crusader story (which you can read here) :scootangel:

After that, I have another story idea brewing involving my favorite pony in a category I really hadn't considered trying to write before. We'll see if it comes together.

Again, for those that have liked, marked favorites, and commented thank you so very much! :twilightblush:

Twilight had set down the box of quills.

They don't use quills in the EGverse, they have pens.


True! But this was a gift to Sunset Shimmer from Princess Celestia, that she had been given while she was still her student in Equestria. It's just a little souvenir from "home" Sunset had taken with her to the EqG world, that she decided Twilight should have. :twilightsmile:

3288547 Ah, neglected that bit in the previous chapter.

I genuinely hope to see more EG stories from you. You're pretty good at them.

Fluttershy looked as if she wanted to hide, Applejack had a look of concern, Rarity had a completely straight face, and Rainbow Dash looked somewhat annoyed. Only Pinkie Pie was still smiling.

Hah! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

You've probably heard of it by now, but have you joined the new Equestria Girls Group?
Your stories are some of the best I've written and definitely fit the bill.

Edit: I take that back, I see they've been added :twilightblush:


Thanks for the tip! I've gone and jumped right in!

Excellent conclusion. I shall eagerly await sequels.

I liked it. I want to see more eventually. Or maybe a side story on Twilight learning from Sunset about Equestria and slowly coming to terms with everything over the course of the days-long timeskip.

This was good. But I'm not sure if the title sounds perfect...
The whole fiction seems fine, not much of a problem digesting and reading. :ajsmug:

Sunset Shimmer is my awesome, no matter how one degrades her in such a way that logic seems to be on their side of the argument.

"The first time that I saw that picture of myself at a dance I'd never been to, I thought it was all some misunderstanding or some elaborate joke. But then, after meeting you all and talking with you, seeing how much you mean to each other and how much I...how much the other Twilight meant to you all, I realized just how much I missed having good friends."

Suspicious :trixieshiftright:

"The first time that I saw that picture of myself at a dance I'd never been to, I thought it was all some misunderstanding or some elaborate joke. But then, after meeting you all and talking with you, seeing how much you mean to each other and how much I...how much the other Twilight meant to you all, I realized just how much I missed having good friends."

Suspicious :trixieshiftright:

3288507 i wonder wich pony you think is tha best. i can only hope it's the one i hope it is :rainbowkiss: (note the rd face) PS (the rd face was a hint) :)


Well, there's a reason my first story was about Rainbow Dash :pinkiecrazy:

But if I don't finish the CMC story first, I fear Scootaloo will come sing for me every day until I do. :twilightoops:

3291114 ewok :pinkiecrazy: well i'm happy now :) not only did i read alot of chapters of different good stories,including this one, i also finished one ( you can only guess wich one :pinkiehappy:) but i also got to know a good writer who also likes RD :) (by the way, reagular smilies are tha BEST) :D

This is really good. Definitely the forerunner for the best written post Equestria Girls fics I've read(or tried to).
My favorite part though is that it is centered on the human cast and we get to see their reactions to the experience and how it affected them.
Also this is the only story I have seen that actually details HumanTwilight finding out what happened.
My one complaint is that Twilight took the whole thing a little to well. For someone as obsessed with facts as Twilight, i feel that she didn't have nearly enough evidence. The words of six teenage girls, no matter how honest seeming, just isn't that much. Personally I think they should have brought in Celestia and Luna. On the other hand, there is the whole previously established "magic link to your friends before you've even met them" thing. So its not as bad as it could be.
Looking forward to more!

No... not that Spike, 'Shy. I think you've found this world's equivalent of him, though.

"'If found, contact Twilight Sparkle at Canterlot Towers'... Oh my!"

This course of action is based on the assumption that this Spike belongs to their world's Twilight but that isn't absolutely certain. Still, it isn't an unreasonable assumption and it's as good a starting place as any.

Besides, isn't that the magic of friendship? To know what you need to do, even if it is nominally against the wishes of one of your friends?

"N... No... That isn't you Twilight... at least not in the way you're thinking of..."

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