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Harry the bear gives Fluttershy a fish as a thank you gift for helping him with his broken arm, and is insistent upon her eating it before it spoils. When Fluttershy reluctantly complies, she's forced to face a dark and disturbing revelation.

She loves it.

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so far very well written and engageing, the concept is by no means new but this is the best i have seen it written thus far so well done. I eagerly await an update keep up the good work!

Alright this is going in the read later section, it's far too interesting to simply ignore. Fluttershy of all ponies liking meat? Prepare for incoming awesomeness.

Much thanks. :twilightsmile: I was a little worried about actually making it because it is such a common twist. Glad to know I'm making it interesting.


Fluttershy. Spike is made out of meat. :flutterrage:

I was eating steak when I ran across this story. Fluttershy is my favorite pony...

"You don't have to change, Fluttershy! Everypony needs that one thing that makes them feel powerful and in control! You shouldn't have to abandon yours!"

Also, my OTP, Flutterdash! YAY!

In my headcanon, Pegasi can eat certain types of meat. Mostly fish...

Gonna read on and fave!!

3334750 :rainbowlaugh: i was wandering where he went

I like it and I get where she is coming from I don't like eating meat but in a house hold full of meat eaters there's not much to be done I know humans are omnivores'(if that's even the right word) but that dos not change the guilt and icky feelings I get when I eat meat

<You haven’t started smoking, I hope,> Twilight joked, a hint of worry under her words.

I laughed when I read this, then I realized that it wasn't funny and actually made sense.:twilightblush:

Okay, this one made me laugh; I can actually imagine that even Zecora has problems rhyming all the time, but she's just too stubborn to admit it.

So... her options are:
Herbivore potion: Removes any tolerance of meat, maybe makes it revolting to help end the addiction?
Omnivore potion: Freedom. Want meat? Sure. Want plants? No problem.

So unless she wants to use chemicals to help end her addiction (which, as with many mind-altering substances, should be a last resort), the omnivore potion is the clear choice.

While that probably would be the obvious answer for some, you have to remember Fluttershy's unique perspective and morals concerning animals. She sees them, not just as animals, but as people, and what she's been doing as cannibalism and murder. This is why she's so adamant about choosing the herbivore brew and I probably haven't really depicted the emotional/moral struggle she's going through the way I wanted if that's not clear.

Curiously, I feel that she will pick the Omnivore potion. It may be against her morals, but at this point her addiction is past that; if she truly didn't want to kill animals she would have stopped a long time ago. This is less like an addiction to drugs or smoking, where she's addicted to chemicals, but more like an addiction to fire or burning her things. She doesn't like it burning them, but at the same time it's enjoyable to watch and see them crumble, until she has to deal with the repercussions of her addiction. Just like carnivorous tendencies, she doesn't have to do it, and it would take very little of her willpower to stop, which as we've seen, she has a lot of, especially when her friends could get hurt, hence why she stares down a dragon or cockatrice despite how stupid and dangerous that idea is. Since animals are getting hurt and dying because of her addiction,it would have taken just saying no to stop, unlike smoking which would have therapy to stop at minimum. This, along with the fact that she was going to go for the herbivore potion, before losing her will and suddenly have trouble deciding until she was informed that the decision was permanent and should not be taken lightly, shows that some part of her doesn't want to stop, even if she doesn't know it yet. Some part of her secretly enjoys the kill and even craves it.

With a bit of thinking, Fluttershy could easily determine that the herbivore potion is going to permanently take away her ability to hunt, while the omnivore potion will allow her to stop if she want's to, but won't force it and will allow her to start again if she want's to (or if she's trapped in a forest with no way out and needs to). Twilight's logical mind would also agree with the decision if she was around to help make it, as it would get rid of the sick feeling afterwards, which was 25% of the argument and 50% of the reason she should stop, and would still leave her free to make the decision if she wants to (Fluttershy could probably make that out herself if she thought about it a bit).

Besides, she may not know the cause, but we can't argue that dash likes the results...:rainbowlaugh:

Also, I found it a bit funny that in this story, Twilight has a trip to the gryphon kingdom scheduled, while in a similar story where Twilight is the one eating meat, she also has a trip to the gryphon kingdom planned... Coincidence? (I place odds at 1.596%)

3367003 Just so I can get the author's opinion on this:
Does the Herbivore potion remove (or help remove) the taste for meat?

If so, then Fluttershy's character would tend to make her lean toward using it. :fluttershbad:
If not, then it really doesn't matter which potion is taken, but the Omnivore potion is objectively more useful. :twilightsmile:

And yes, that pretty much summarizes my opinion. I viewed it from a purely logical perspective, even though the characters would bring emotion into the mix.

Well, yes. As she mentioned in her therapy session with Twilight, she does want to do it for the power and confidence and thrill it brings her, but she doesn't want to want it. Your comparison to pyrophilia is perfect to describe her condition; she wants it, she knows she wants it, and she hates herself for it.

Reasoning aside, who doesn't like chubby pones? :rainbowkiss:

I haven't seen that other fic. :twilightoops: It's not some classic I accidentally ripped off somehow, is it?

Yes, the herbivore potion will restructure her tongue to make blood/meat unpalatable. If she's not outright disgusted by it afterward, she'd at least not find it an attractive taste anymore.

This is very interesting and well written so far, and while there are several stories about ponies having some sort of addiction to meat, they usually play it off and become a comedy piece. This is a lot more serious, and I like that. I'm looking forward to the rest of this. :twilightsmile:

I was skeptical 'bout the whole hunting "etiquette" thing, but after that wonderful little explanation, I found it surprisingly believable. It was a clever idea.


Thanks. I was worried about that seeming too out-there. :twilightsheepish:

3368601 before i read this how dark is it? is it like the.... cupcake video ( crys for a bit ) or any other like that? is it like dark like that is outside the nrem for them? btw it would be awsome that she become frds with gilda by eating meat with her


With what I've read so far, it's not all too dark. And trust me, it's nowhere near close to the darkness or gore in Cupcakes. It's mostly just dark because, like you said, it's outside of the norm for them and it's Fluttershy, an animal caretaker, who's the one eating meat. Now read this story -- this is really good. I think so, anyway.

Hope this helped.

it could be seen as off putting(if your not a fan of eating and are having the same set of conflicts as her to witch I feel as she dos) but for me I feel that Pegasus to eat some meat (mostly fish) feels normal (its the bird like wings that do it for me I think) but that's just me

3373212 i have to ask this now btw loving it, but what will happen if say a human one day come to that world and not know the rules of the hunt and just use a firearm to shot animals to eat like air guns for smell game and big hunting fire arm rifles that fire 270 win for big game.

how you think wel happen?

3373096 thx for the info.

btw now that i've read it and now the reals the animals use in hunting in this world what do you think if say a human go to this world not knowing that and just think there noting more than animals living life there set to do and what not and he do what a hunter do.

Like this a few hunters that are frds with each other but hunt in there own staly.

like so one hunt with only firearms alone, but use air guns because alot of smell game is easy.
one will be the pro fisher type and have many and many type of fishing equipment and use old and new fishing styl.
and two more

Well, for one, it wouldn't happen. Not in my canon at least.
But if it ever somehow did, I can only assume they would be treated like, not just a regular rogue predator, but an extremely dangerous one on par with a magical beast. Probably. If the misunderstanding were explained, arrangements were made to disarm him and integrate him into society - both as a "higher order" creature and as a predator - and he (or she) acted civilized from then on, then I imagine things would work out fine for him/her.

3374863 i have to ask what do you mean "higher order" ???:unsuresweetie:

Higher-order mammals, in our world, refers to apes and the like. Relatives of humans that display rudimentary intelligence (I'm not sure if dolphins and pigs are considered higher-order anything, but they should be). In my Equestria, it refers to ponies and poky-kind, like horses, zebras, gryphons - pretty much anything that can talk and displays intelligence.

3374969 ah thx, because i've always wanted to make a fic with hunters ending up in a land that have animals that is truly moster like than bears and bigger animals that can rip your head off.

but by this fic it say it have rules and that make it insiding to read, because i always wonder what will happen if that happen

3374122 in greek books it say that they are know to eat fish before but thos what the book say not me

3375095 glad to see that it was just not me that thought that who knows maybe the Greeks where right about them(and other animals we think in this day and age are not real)(like dragons I have a theory on them id share but I don't want to sound to crazy just yet :pinkiecrazy: )

3375240 well the could have been real, but the thing is they could have been wimp out by man it self or that they have gone into hiding.

i mean scorpion use to be the the 3rd biggest animal before man kind come to be but when the left the waters there was less air to them and there bodies was too heavry so now you see them as a very iceh now, plus in the water the move faster and have bigger food to eat.

but now they have become smell and easy to kill and very hard to see at times

3372283 I will make you into cupcakes if I have nightmares about that video

3376904 HEY! don't bleam me for someone that make fucked up things on the internet:flutterrage:

3368601 Nothing too much, just a fairly unknown story called Twilight's Secret.

Anyway, a fairly important detail that I would like to ask about, since I didn't fully understand, does the prey need to submit, or does the predator only need to ask?

Also, I don't think flying would be considered cheating, as eagles and birds of prey have adapted hunting methods of charging their prey from the sky.

Typically, or as I see it at least, the predator asks before actually starting the hunt, and if the prey consents the hunt begins. After the prey is caught, the predator asks for confirmation (which is mostly a formality, like the "are you sure you want to close this window" option pane that pops up, 'cause you're basically an asshole for wasting the predator's time and a pussy for chickening out if you say no) and then the hunter can make their kill. The squirrel had already agreed to help is why they skipped the first question.

I don't think Flutters should go through with this. Eventually the guilt will just build up and she'll kill herself.

On the other hand seeing jacked up, meat eating, musclebound Fluttershy could be cool. Bet she could give Dash a surprise.

Hmm... maybe Flutters needs a gryphon consultant. Now who do we know who is a gryphon and has a character tag? Hmmm

flutters life wouldn't change all that much if she became an omnivore, she could take care of the animals, all shed have to do is tell them that her house is neutral safe territory.
please keep up dating this story a lot because this is i my top three best story ive ever read and that's across all genres
personal thing though is the name of the whole story...its too comedy for this type of story and it doesn't fit this at all

Well thanks! :twilightblush: I've actually been looking for another title for this but nothing really stands out as appropriate. I kind of just slapped the name on last minute thinking it would mostly be a comedy piece, but I guess it's pretty obvious that it's not. :facehoof:

3386271 i understand Ive been siting around trying to come up with names and came up with red droplets on the predator named caregiver, kindness or caretaker and a pink predator named kindness. that's about it, something cryptic because everyone loves cryptic (if one of thoughs names caught your attention feel free:pinkiehappy:) but im finna reread this some more until the next

I am interested to see if Fluttershy changes as she experiences this new life style. Will she grow to the proportions Zecora revealed or will she stay the same cute little pegasus. I can't wait to find out.

Be interesting to see what would happen if Gilda came back. Fluttershy would have to roar back.

i am really enjoying this story now. the whole system you came up with between predator and prey is really fascinating! Plus, i really like how you've developed Fluttershy throughout the story. you started it off with her hating it and now you have her learning how to follow the code and accept who she is. this is now apart of my top five favorite stories on Fimfiction, and trust me, i've read countless tales here on this site.
i guess what i'm saying here is, i love it!:heart:
keep up the good work my friend!

Well shucks. :twilightblush: Thank ya kindly.

I don't imagine she'll ever be a hulking brute like that potion made her, but all that protein is good for building muscle. :trixieshiftright:


So no Flutterhulk? Too bad, I kinda wanted to see the reactions of her other friends as she physically changes. Maybe something subtle like Rainbow noticing her wings becoming more powerful or Applejack shaking her hoof and noticing Flutters now has a stronger grip.

Ooh, those are actually good ideas. There will be some subtle changes like that, but she's never going to be a tank, no.

I'm confused, did she take the Omnivore potion?

love this tail only down side is im always a bit hungry after reading it and I don't much care for meat so its a bit odd

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