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One night, a strange bat like creature bites Fluttershy, changing her body and giving her a thirst for blood. Once she recovers, she finds herself with new abilities and setbacks. How will she cope with these changes? How long can she hide her new abilities from her friends? Can she fight her insatiable need for blood?

Meanwhile, a strange pony from out of town comes to investigate a strange set of murders, where every victim appears to be drained of blood. Will he stumble upon Fluttershy's secret? And what secrets is he himself hiding?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 31 )

Helsing related?

Hmm I saw 35 views and 5 likes and gave it a shot. I'll track this one and you get a thumb from me.

Has potential.
Let's see where it goes.

This is interesting... Like and a fav. :twilightsmile:

2978761 Why am I not surprised to see you as a first comment? :rainbowwild:

2978860 I count it as third comment, and I like reading vamp fics as much as I do writing them.

just gonna say it... anyone else think it would have been awesome if it was... twilight?:rainbowlaugh: get it! because its a movie.. and a charac.... ill just go lurk in the fanfics again

Thers not many vampire storys of flutteshy and this one seems good i like and favorite it.
Keep this up it really good.
hope fluttershys first taste of blood is a bite gruesome to the first pony she bits.:pinkiecrazy:

2978722 2978761 2978860
Thank you!
I'm afraid not, but there might be some elements of him in it.
No. Just... no.

Not the first "Fluttershy is a Vampire" fic I've ever seen, but that was a one shot, while this is a series. Make it a good one.

That sounds like an awful lot of cough syrup for a mouse.

2980800 I know the story you're referring to, and I'll try to make this one different. Hopefully it'll meet your approval XD.
2982072 Looking back on it, I realize you might be right...
Also, it's an honor to have you comment on this. I loved your Cheerilee is a Vampire series, and it was a major inspiration for this.
2982322 I hope that's a good "nice"... :pinkiehappy:

Being a major fan of Vampony Fluttershy, i am faving this on that merit alone :pinkiecrazy:

It's infinitely better then my attempts at a Vampony fic, that's for sure :pinkiehappy:

Strange note: My Spellcheck keeps trying to correct Vampony as "Tampon", what the heck :rainbowhuh:

Not constructive comment.
Take this fave and don't spend it on beer.

Yeah I have the same problem with Beginnings.... i am terrible at them, but i am VERY good at climatic endings :pinkiehappy:

VERY eager to see more.:rainbowwild:

if this fanfic dies, i will make this Face =>:raritydespair:

So now it begins...Goood:pinkiehappy:
keep this up i like it.

Oh gawds, this is flowing very nicely. Moar, I say!


3007599>>3007514>>3006949 Thank you very much!

3007300 I'll try to avoid that :twilightsmile:

2998508 I don't even.

3007766 My theory is that the attacker intended to leave futtershy to die, and let that be the end of that.... unfortunately the Bunny knew a trick or two.
Unfortunate for HIM i mean.:twilightangry2:


My Theory, the bat was an ordinary vampire bat infected by the remnants of Luna's nightmare moon personality that the Elements removed. This would make Fluttershy a unique origin master vampire.

Comment posted by Windbuck deleted Aug 10th, 2013

And then her eyes flashed open.

Oh wait! That's a good thing. Right?

I love your story Vampershy, it's one of the best I ever read. The writing is excellent and so far the personalities have been spot on accurate, and best of all, it feels like a vampire story. Now if it's not too much trouble, it'd be nice if the next chapter would come sometime.

Please make more umm if you don't mind that is.

I hope you aren't planning to give up on this story. You wouldn't want to make Fluttershy sad would you? :fluttercry:


Mine does that too (Firefox), but I didn't realize it until now because I knew Vampony wasn't a real word, so I didn't bother to check the Spellchecker suggestions.

Please don't let this story be dead. It's been a while and i'm starting to get worried.:fluttershysad:

When is the next chapter?... I love this already!

Are going to come back to this story at some point?

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