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Holy Rusted Metal, Batman! · 6:55pm Jan 16th, 2014

I posted my first story. I have obtained a spine! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Thanks to everyone who's given feedback and for the favorites (now and in the future!).

Chapter 1 of my next story is even written. I do have a question for anyone who happens to spy this:

I was probably going to write the whole thing and post it all at once. Is that considered okay or is there some problem with slapping up a complete story all at once? Does it depend on length?

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It is indeed a ponified Zebra Girl, and I grabbed it from one Zebra Girl's...April Fool's day comics? I think. I've used this as an avatar for so many years I can't remember where in the archives it was.

I don't blame you, I wanted to find the source comic again one time and I just chickened out of an archive dive.

Hm. Icon source? I can tell it's a ponified Zebra Girl, but I'm wary of attempting an archive dive.

2385491 I liked it :twilightsmile: Chapters 3 and 4 in particular, although I really liked the phrase of the horns back at base.

Thanks, I have a tendency to waffle on for way too long myself, that story was only meant to be a thousand or two words :twilightoops: And the published version already had over a thousand words cut out from it, as they dragged the pacing way down.


My 'story' was just a brainworm that became an exercise in brevity. One day I might even try to go back to the other I started that languishes in the middle of chapter 3.

Good job in your story! It was tight, good dialogue and characters well filled within what canon provides.

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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