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Started watching FiM during a long stay I had in the hospital. Might've been the morphine, but the first episode I caught was Luna Eclipsed, and it was exactly the kind of purely optimistic, light-hearted thing I needed at the time. Watched and enjoyed the rest of the show during my long recovery, and have been keeping up on it ever since.

I can't quite put a finger on what it is that is so appealing about FiM, but the cast is incredibly endearing, and I really enjoy Twilight as the protagonist. I suppose it's just nice to have something so optimistic, without it seeming overly simplistic. I enjoy it in the same way I enjoyed Pushing Daisies, which is to say, it's often adorable, it's very entertaining, and I care about the characters.

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Lullaby for a Princess · 3:39pm May 31st, 2015

Djthomp just posted a link to this fan animation earlier today, and hooooly hell is it good:

Got actual tears out of ol' Wadey.

Amazingly well-done.

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If you're still alive somewhere I want you to know I dreamed about your story last night even though I haven't read it in a year.

...please come back...

Yo, you should stop being mostly dead.

Thanks for the fav on Winter Storm! :twilightsmile: Could I ask that you give me some feedback in the comments?

Comment posted by Steel Quill deleted Oct 14th, 2014
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