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Summer is the perfect season for things that grow. However, growth needs fuel, warmth can burn, and romance can be the most volatile fire there is. After she leaves Ponyville and lands a job as a city guard, Gilda will have summer days that are filled with lessons of growth, of love, and of pain.

This is a continuation of Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel. I recommend reading that story first.
This story is concluded in Evening Flames

Special thanks to WentoX for this awesome, custom cover.

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I've been waiting for this.

It's back! Oh frabjous day!

Comment posted by Nicknack deleted Jan 13th, 2013

YES!!!!!! :yay:

Okay with that out of the way I started reading it and I already see some changes to the story, it's gonna be interesting seeing which elements were changed.

Author Interviewer

Oh, hello fanfic with which I am already familiar. :3 Glad to see you posting it now.

O hai, someone I've never met on /fic/ or in the prereaders' IRC. :rainbowwild:

Huzzah. I am pleased to see you work towards completion of this fic.

Wow, haven't seen this one in a while. Added!

This t-t-thing is the best thing. EVER!:yay:

This series is one of my favourites on EQD.
I really love your take on the whole Germanic(?)/Griffon culture.

Germanic culture... I dunno, I mean, that would imply things like being the same pantheon as the vikings. So while Gilda's tribe has gods like Donar, god of thunder, Ziu, the god of war, and Wodan, the leader... completely unrelated to Thor, Tio, and Odin, you see.

Honoured to be able to comment on this before the inevitable flood of comments! Been looking forward to it, Nick. Gotta get this actually read, now. Thanks!


So I get the impression I should read this...

Do you hear this high pitched noise?

This is the sound of me squeeing for the return of one of my favorite fanfics of all time.

It's good to see this back, can't wait to see what this new take will be like.

Holy horse...shoes, that's a lot of blog spam.

This was one of the first fics I ever read in the community, and seeing it again makes me happier than I can really manage to say right now. Suffice to say that this is one of the best I have ever read, and that you deserve every ounce of praise you've been getting so far.

Well, another fic I'm completely addicted to!
Well written, AND I find it impressive you've crafted a whole sub-culture of griffins!
Totally worth a track/fav/thumbs up.
Well done, and thank you for writing such an amazing story.

p.s. Gilda REALLY needs to find a nice guy griffin....

The only reason there are no comments, is because we are all too excited to read the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:
I see no other explanation. A lovely explanation explaining how a certain griffin found her way to this city....

If I could draw, I would share with you the face I imagine she'd make at that suggestion. Sort of a sideways glare that's a mix of annoyance, with just a hint of sadness.

As I would imagine she would.
Glare all you want Gilda. We know you're a softie.....

Griffin or stallion at least. Heck, SOMEBODY......
Just the hopeless romantic in me....

Yes! It's here, nice
I found a little thing you might wanna change
>humane manner

Honestly, 1951993, I never put much faith in all the stupid puns that come about from replacing anything vaguely resembling 'human' phrases with pony-related ones.
Just my thought on the matter.

The puns kinda suck, but they can be avoided sometimes, at leas in this case, by using some other words.
Let's say, merciful, in this case.

I could've sworn I read this story before, but where's the rest of it?

What? That's it? When I was going through military processing I was there for 10 hours before I took the oath!

I remember reading this story in its original incarnation, and looking forward to updates, what feels like a long time ago. Then I fell off of the internet for a while so I don't know if it was ever completed. I do remember that I was very far in though. I'll be happy to read this rewrite and take a trip down memory lane. Plus I'll finally get a chance to read it through to the end! Until then, though, I get to relive the looking forward to updates part.


“I don’t know why Starfall rejected you. It’s not every day that we’re griffin a new recruit.” He put the glasses on while I fought to keep from groaning; then, the orange comedian introduced himself. “Officer Gilda, this is our first time meeting. I am Lieutenant Horatio.”

Well that was one of the most unexpectedly humorous things I've read in a while. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that in a more dramatic and somber story like this.

I quite like this portrayal of Gilda. It took me a while to warm to her, but I now that I have I'm quite liking her. Usually I take issue with mopey Gilda, but It works here. I still feel that your explanation for some things is still a little convoluted, for example Gilda actually being a weak flyer when apparently she can keep up with Dash in the episode. There's a few other scenes I can think of where I feel like there's a more simple explanation than the one you've provided, but whatever. It all fits together quite nicely in the end, and the... subdued bitchiness of Gilda is definitely quite enjoyable.

“It’s an expression, sir. But shouldn’t you be more concerned with how I’d be tripping balls afterwards?”

That line made me burst out laughing. Very nicely done, at first I was worried that the humor wouldn't jell to well with the rest of this story's tone, but so far it hasn't detracted from the more serious stuff, and as long as it doesn't get in the way it shouldn't bother me.

I admire your choice in character names, dear author. :duck:

Yes, glad to see this reboot continuing.

I've been looking forward to this. Excellent work.

I try to limit the words like "person," "man," "woman," "hands" (except when griffins are involved), but... I think that "humane" fits there better than ethical (too wordy) or merciful (not the correct definition—executions are rarely merciful).

If it needs pony words, there's "mane" at the end, I guess? :rainbowhuh:

Coming soon, to a Fimfiction near you...

In all seriousness, I've got to iron out some rough bits in the remaining five chapters of this first story, then I'll probably post them all at once.

I try to vary my humor from the super-thought-out stuff that really becomes things like "dramatic irony" and "plot twists" to the stuff like references and lowbrow humor. I've got a fairly wide sense of humor, so I like to think that using that means there's something for everyone. And if I fail at that... yeah, I at least notice that there's a time and a place for it.

>Registered: 27th Nov 2011
>Chapter 0 of this story was first published in July 2011

Au contraire, I admire your choice in a Fimfic username. :rainbowwild:

Oh, and see, I was having trouble finding a title image for this.

Holy crap. 88 to 0 ratio?

This should be good.

Looks like it's 89 to 0 now!

Here it is, folks: the excellent, polished re-write of this story, coming back with more balance and punch.

I for one am eagerly anticipating more!

Ooh It returns and a nice 20000+ word start:pinkiehappy:

The fuck.
He stabbed a cop.
And gets... nothing?

[System has crashed: Please re-install OS]

So, how long until this is up as far as it was on Equestria Daily? Cuz I don't really feel like rereading too much.

Well, this community is rather lenient when it comes to rating fiction.
To me, 100 to 0 ratio is a good start, though it is hardly astonishing.


It's featured and at 92;0, it should hit your mark in no time.


Oops...My bad.

I take back what I said!


And or typed!

It's all good. Nothing on this blog gets popular without a few downvotes. If someone wants to downvote and offer constructive criticism, that's cool—I can work with that. If someone downvotes without saying why, I'm forced to assume either subjective dislike or trolling... which I can't really do anything about in either case.


What you're saying is true, but even so, I want to see that ratio. It gives bragging rights!

(Joke) Alt. Title: Summer Days, Featured Ways: You, Gilda And Your Johnson

I remember this! I loved this! Once you get the rest of the chapters up, I am to assume there's going to be more, yes?

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