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Better Writing for Bronies · 2:38pm Jan 2nd, 2014

(Or pegasisters; you can call yourself what you like, but "bronies" nicely fit in with the alliteration.)
(This is a work in progress, and I will add new points as I think of them/ as I have time to write.)

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I would like to report that the ‘Uncategorised’ Folder of your group Friendly Neighborhood Eldritch Abominations is lacking a story.

1071369 Well, when I finally got around to reading 'The Book' I noticed that your stories were all in the same 'verse, so I was curious; and I don't regret reading the ones I did, not at all.
By the way, I noticed that your cover art is, well... lacking, let's just say. I'm not a GREAT artist, but I'm decent, I guess; which story would you most want cover art for? And what would you want it of?

Wha...you...you broke my notification bell icon thingy in the upper corner. :derpyderp2:

Thanks for the massive incoming of favs. Really made my night. :yay:

Thanks for the favs'!

Hey there! Back again, it seems!

Thanks for helping Twilight chase the ghosts out from her basement!
Well, I guess it didn't work out all too well this time, but there's always more adventures ahead.

Thank you very much for the fave. I appreciate it.

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