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My primary function is failure.


Next · 8:10am Oct 20th, 2013

Twilight Sparkle, Apprentice to the Crown, has everything under control. With a sphere of knowledge ever-expanding and a range of powers ever-widening, her world seems smaller and smaller with every passing day. That is, until the day a terrifying vision of the future leaves her convinced that someday very soon, she will take the life of a dearest friend.

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Hey if you're there let us know you haven't died or something

Comment posted by Evil Twilight deleted Sep 8th, 2014

are you ok? it's been awhile since we heard from you.

Just finished reading what's up on the LL side, you have some real talent , keep up the good work!

ALL HAIL DERPY :derpyderp1:

all hail Derpy!

Thank you for the encouragement! New content is only minutes away . . . :pinkiehappy:

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