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This story is a sequel to The Hnng-ening

For the first time in years, Twilight tries on her old pair of glasses to figure out if they still induce strange effects in other ponies.

As it turns out, the effect is hugs. Many, many hugs. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to make them stop.

Though this story is a sequel, it's a standalone story and doesn't necessarily require any knowledge of the prequel.

Now with a YouTube reading by Short Stories

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This was funny and adorable.


Everything I didn't know I wanted is in this story.

:raritystarry: A sequel..?

May I do a reading on dis as well, please?

6325914 Sure, go right ahead, and thank you very much :D

A spirit that lives in glasses and is pretty much just an annoyance?

Have you been reading Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa?

6326380 Nope. I don't think I've ever read a manga, actually. :x

Burn it, burn it with fire!

Well that was weird, but enjoyable!

Also it can be described with my favorite phrase in existence, cuddle puddle!

Also also, I don't even like Twidash but if this doesn't eventually lead us to a silly twidash fic I will be rather sad...no pressure! :twilightsheepish:

Once again, very 'dorbz. :heart:

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: So funny!!!!!!!!!!!

Silly Occulus, he thinks he did it! Twilight was that adorkable on her own. :twilightsmile:

6326380 Twilight was lucky it wasn't Administrator of Fortune Fukutarou that would've been weird.

Not bad, but at that point in the show's continuity, Rainbow wouldn't have been seen reading so casually like that. Certainly not by Twilight.

6327152 Cuddle puddle? Darn, missed opportunity right there :P

Also, I don't think I'll be making a Twidash fic based on this anytime soon--I'm not very good at writing romance yet, plus I think I'm done with sequels for this story, at least for now.

6328059 Gah, you're right. Shoot. :x

...At the very least, the book's on explosives. But yeah, you make a good point.

...Wow. This is a thing.


I like it! :pinkiehappy:

I would have given the glasses to Moondancer

This is how we should fight battles. :rainbowkiss:

6328303 I was so thinking that just look how cut she is


Love this story you should do one with Twilight and Moondancer it will be cute to the max


One of us.


This was better than the first one! MOAR RD AND TWI SHIPPING!

It hadn’t yet been a month since she’d moved to Ponyville, but she’d at least been able to make this library feel homely by moving in all her equipment from her observatory in Canterlot

You mean 'homey' right?

it continued.
and was worth it.

Dear god.
It's back.

Well. I'm just going to put this giant HNNNNNNNNG off to the side so I can go back to laughing.
This is hilarious. And adorable. :yay:
Also Twi-Dash shipping. Huzzah.

6328673 One sec, I'll google the difference...

Yeah, I suppose I should change it to homey, just to play it safe. Thanks!

Friends did favours for each other, after all, and being an involuntary test subject wasn’t an unreasonable favour.


6328736 I think you mean... it's Front :raritywink: Chortle chortle

Don't worry, Twilight! When love and friendship are magic and magic follows set rules of science, you can in fact quantify love.

My feelings right now in a nutshell. :yay:

The premise of this story is 100% true. The potency of Magical Female Powers(tm) is raised out the wazoo by nerdy-looking glasses.

The real human world Twilight Sparkle? The one in the new movie coming out next month? She's my waifu.:heart:

Yessssss!! A sequel!!

Now all we need is another one o.o

Even if Twily didn't have Oculus, if she wore glasses....there would be hugs... and lots of them.

I suppose it depends on the tests, right? If it's the glasses-to-cute ratio, then it really isn't a big deal. But if it's the effects of incredibly potent narcotics and the Elephants on Parade, it's generally accepted to be a big no-no.

*Heart jumps out of stomach before reading* Well that's good now that heart attack won't happen again like last time. Now here's the spot where I'd show the picture of it but You'll all have nightmares if i show it.

lovely story.

That was a funny story, with a nice little heartwarming moment by Rainbow Dash at the end. :heart: I enjoyed reading it. :twilightsmile:

A worthy sequel to a cute and funny story. :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed this a lot. It played out like an episode of MLP which is really cool, it's easy to imagine the actions and dialogue happening just like in the cartoon, I like that.

It's a funny and awesome story, fantastic.

6329220 You mean SciTwi? (I'm halfway hoping this nickname catches on enough that Hasbro decides to use it.)


You mean SciTwi? (I'm halfway hoping this nickname catches on enough that Hasbro decides to use it.)

Whatever you call her, she is the ULTIMATE in heartbreak.

I'm not kidding. Those beautiful nerd girls in glasses will destroy your soul every single time.

It continues!

A lovely read. Chuckles, cuteness, shenanigans all around.

6329220 And then Flash Sentry will steal her.

6332316 Yeah, I wish him good luck with that! He'll probably wind up with his heart broken, too!

She yanked and tugged, but they wouldn’t come off.

Glasses of Hugging: +10 cuteness, cursed item.

“I live in ponies’ glasses and I make them super lovable, I guess.”

Called it! :pinkiesmile:

Vinyl nodded, waving at Twilight as she headed back to the library.

I love how mute Vinyl seems to be canon now.

dear lord, imagine if the glasses had been quantifyed by the want it need it spell

unless it already had been...

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