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Queen Chrysalis sends the princesses a letter stating that she deserves a thank you after the Canterlot invasion.

Celestia is at a loss for words, verbal or otherwise.

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Ooo, this was clever! I really liked the ending :pinkiehappy:

Nice idea. 😄

I honestly don't know whether to laugh or groan at this one. I kind of want to do both.

So this is how Chryssy captured them.
A clever bug, a good story.

You're welcome. ^^ Also, am I the only one that thinks Chrysalis looks cute in that picture you used? XD 😄

Naw, I'd agree with that assessment :>

Yeah. 😊

But again, love this short story. 😄

...Well that explains a lot.

Hey! That's pretty good! And the best part is, I could see this situation happening in the show.

...You know, I kinda wondered how Season 6 got to it's end... Thank you for writing!

Great job Celestia. You really deserve a special kind of salute. Commencing:

:facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:

No problem, it was fun to write :>

This was a fun little read! I anticipated Luna being the changeling, but your other subversion was clever as well.

Nice work! :twilightsmile:

This is giving me an idea for a story where Celestia and Luna approach Chrysalis for the purpose of hiring her as an independent contractor, to point out weaknesses in the security protocols of the palace so they can try and prevent further invasions from occurring.

9033228 And then Chrysalis can afford to hire me to tell her why her strategies are terrible. :raritywink:

For instance, if your species can become anything, and your enemy doesn't know this, the dumbest thing you can do is tell them.

It's kind of along the lines of being the leader and entering enemy territory all by yourself and face an alicorn you're not even sure you can defeat when you could just have your entire race sneak in little by little and instantly take over in a surprise attack.

Feh, maybe I should be Queen of the changelings... except rule 63.

Hm. Well played, Chrysalis, well played. :rainbowdetermined2:

Well the approach is certainly terrible in one regard. But not so much if what you want is to sew the seeds of paranoia in the populace and leave everyone uncertain if they actually know the one standing next to them.

Great Story. I really liked it.

Only one thing

"Yes, but not to make her angry," Luna shouted. "Now she has more reason to share her intel now. Which is now proven to not be a bluff. What were you thinking?"

One of the nows has to go

Oh that would be fun.

Have a well-deserved like.

Ooh, I like that idea. Though I feel like she'd need to be heavily supervised lol. And also she might lie. And/or also meddle on the side with any and all access they give her. But if a story were to address or manage that, that'd make for an interesting read :o

Yeah. Too bad she's got hummus. Er, um... hubris! That one :p

Aw heck. Thank you. Fixed. :twilightblush:

9033299 Why bother beating around the bush if your ultimate goal is to TAKE OVER?

Last I checked, paranoia tended to result in LESS love, the thing the stupid parasites need to survive.

See, I would be the BEST shape-shifting love-stealing invader. I get things DONE! :rainbowdetermined2:

It's sort of the Leverage premise. Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.

So you're saying that you're Thorax?

9033543 Pfft, that spineless wuss? Hardly! I'd have all the ponies enslaved in a day!

And I'd be all evil and eat their livers with fava beans and a chianti... :pinkiecrazy:

Okay. This was a nice story. Good job.


Chrysalis was going to capture the princesses once and for all, so telling them about changeling ability to shapeshift into objects makes no difference, really.

How could they not fight petty inferior changelings?


Celestia waggled her hoof. "Friendship."

"Oh. Right."

She closed the card and placed it back in the envelope. "We'll send her a peace offering. A letter enchanted with some love. Hopefully we can start some negotiations - Merriweather's specialty. And if nothing else, it'll bide us some time. I have a feeling she's going to be unreasonable, so we need to come up with a plan to capture Chrysalis and imprison her for her crimes."

You probably mean "buy us some time"
or perhaps "let us bide our time"

Somehow in To Where and Back Again Luna was overtaken by at least 2 changelings. So perhaps a combination of being caught off guard, no guards present, and it being just too early in the morning? :p

You have a good point. Celestia almost overtook Chrysalis by herself in the wedding ep. Just an oversight on my part I s'pose.

Ack! Yes, you're right. Fixed. Thank you :>

Yup. Even if she hadn't monologued in the letter, a changeling appearing where a letter used to be would be telling enough on its own.

Wow, this was an especially clever fic. Kind of obvious if you think about, but clever none the less. This would make a great plot point for an episode given that we already know changelings can shapeshift into inanimate objects, shown when Pharyax changed into a rock to hide from Starlight and Trixie.

9034825 Except it didn't work. And once again the changelings made poor use of their incredible tactical advantage.

Really, the truth is if they were even remotely competent, the ponies would never have stood a chance. The changelings are so over-powered and over-skilled that they had to be dumbed down dramatically and the ponies handed a Deus Ex Love Nuke solution even after that.

Just look at the list of advantages they had going into the Wedding episode:
1. Instant, flawless transformations, including the voice of the replaced pony.
2. They gain power from what they feed upon, and they feed upon something intangible.
3. They can control minds, meaning they can even turn their victims into soldiers the enemy will find it difficult to fight against.
4. The ponies didn't even know they existed. It's impossible to defend yourself against something you aren't aware of.
5. They had an enormous army of soldiers, all with these abilities. The ponies had the rather useless Royal Guard, whose numbers were few.

It shouldn't have been a contest. Chrysalis could have simply sent in hundreds of her spawn, replaced the entire Royal Guard, and then taken out all 3 Princesses and the Bearers simultaneously in a surprise attack nopony would or could have been ready for.

Instead, they did that the SECOND time around, which was silly at that point because the ponies should have been aware the changelings were still lurking about, what with them finding Thorax not that long beforehand. In that episode, for the plot to happen, the ponies had to be reduced to blithering pastel idiots without a trace of common sense or precaution. And yet, we also know there's a secret monster-fighting corps... who were not even mentioned.

So, idiot ball the changelings or idiot ball the ponies. It's the only way the episodes could happen. And now there's just Chrysalis, and good lord is she incompetent.

... Well played, best bughorse, well played.


Yeah, I wasn't quite able to reach the right mindset on this one. A few assumptions at work that I couldn't quite buy, that sort of thing. Enjoyable for what it is; I just didn't realize what it was in time. Speaking of, you could've established the time period earlier, though I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

This was mostly mildly amusing, but I think the ending elevates it.

Headcanon certainly considered.

Saw the twist coming, laughed anyway. Definitely a fun story.

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