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These are short stories of a human in Equestria that I thought of, making it a bundle like this.

Though it says it's completed, there will be more stories added as I think of them. (Some might go and become a full story later on, but I'll let you know in the authors note if I got an idea for such a story.)

(Click here for the playlist of the audio reading)

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I semi-frequently search for safe human/Pinkie Pie fics, as that's one of my favorite kinds of stories to read, even though they are pretty uncommon. I skipped the first two chapters and came here, and absolutely loved this story. Couple of spelling errors i noticed, but other than that a great heartwarming story. I'm definitely going to read the rest soon.

These were adorable to read.

7894800 Thanks, more are on the way.

This is nice. I will definitely be following this one.

7917318 Thanks, and thanks for the follow

Awww, Twily. I LOVE YOU TOO!! :twilightsmile: :heart:

I really like these, but they're full of typos. The typos in this one stood out especially.

8099211 Well, I'll go over them once more, though my English writing as you can see isn't the best.
So if you can help me find them, PM me what is wrong please.

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