• Published 21st Nov 2016
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My little compilation - Viper Freak

Short love stories of a human in Equestria.

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Rainbow Dash: Wingmare extraordinaire!

Rainbow Dash: Wingmare extraordinaire!

Rainbow was flying lazily next to her friend. But this wasn't your average pony friend, oh no, this friend was the only human living in Equestria.

Rainbow was the first one that saw the male creature making his way toward Ponyville in a disoriented fashion and was brought to Twilight's castle. He stayed there until Twilight gave the oké once she learned that he wouldn't do anything to the ponies that would harm them.

So naturally, Dash wanted to find out if that's true, for the safety of her friends of course, and started tailing him.

After a few false accusations and tackles from Rainbow, when thought she was trying to hurt somepony, they started to talk with each other and found out that they had a lot in common, he always tried to stay fit and healthy, he loves seeing air shows and reading adventure novels, making them instant friends.

Hanging around with him turned out to the best thing that Rainbow could think of. Not only is he pretty fast on those hind legs of his, even able to out sprint Applejack, but he has a knack for pranks too, even getting her a few times. She tried some pranks on him as well, but he outsmarted her most of the time.

After a few months had passed, he had come to terms that he couldn't go back to where he came from, making the best of it as he lived with the ponies, even trying to get a marefriend, but not having any success. So Rainbow wanted to cheer him up a bit and headed towards the local bar in Ponyville for some hard earned cider. But not before having a bit of fun with him.

'So, how is it going with you these days?' Rainbow said as she hovered next to him, a grin forming on her face, 'Still trying to get a marefriend?'

He just sighed and told her that he had tried everything to get a mare to even talk to him. From sitting down to their level, to making sure he looks as unintimidating as possible. But that didn't work in the slightest.

Rainbow's smile changed to a sad expression, 'Oh man, I didn't know it was that bad. I mean, I can talk to you with no problem and we get along just fine.'

He gave a nod and the two of them stayed quiet for a while as they walked along. Until Rainbow piped up, 'I have an idea!' she said enthusiastically, 'Why don't you let me do the talking for you? That way, you don't frighten anypony and I can make sure that the mares will know that you're as awesome as me!'

He chuckled and said that she could be his wingman anytime.

'What's a wingman?' Rainbow asked with a raised eyebrow.

He told her that a wingman is a friend that helps the other to get a mare to like him.

'But I'm not a man,' Rainbow said with a scrunched up face, 'I'm a mare.'

He chuckled and told her not to look too far into it.

'But it isn't right.' She said with furrowed brow, but piped up soon after, 'I know, I can be your wingmare!'

He face-palmed, 'What?' Rainbow said with mild annoyance, 'It's way more fitting, I'm a mare and have wings too. Just call me,' she took a heroic pose in mid-air before continuing, 'Rainbow Dash: wingmare extraordinaire!'

He laughed and the two of them made their way to the bar.

It was a relatively short walk to the bar from where they were, they entered and took place in front of the counter.

As they ordered their drinks and were waiting, was Rainbow looking around the packed establishment, 'It looks like there are a lot of single mares here today,' she said as the bar pony slid two tankards of cider to the two of them and Rainbow took a great big gulp of it before she continued, 'which is perfect if I'm going to help you to find a marefriend.'

He told her it wasn't necessary for her to do that, but she scoffed and waved a dismissive hoof at him, 'I sort of promised that I would help, and I tend to keep it.' she then took another swig of her cider and went out to find a mare for her friend.

It didn't take Dash long to find a mare and walked over to her, 'Excuse me ma'am,' she said, getting the attention of the mare, 'can I ask you if you're single?'

The mare said she was and asked why Rainbow needed to know, 'Well,' Rainbow started, 'I've got a friend who's strong and has a sense of humour, who also lives healthy and is fun to have in your live. So he was wondering if you were willing to go out with him.'

The mare seemed to be intrigued, and asked who this friend was.

'He's over there.' Dash said as she pointed towards her friend, who was looking at his cider with a distraught expression.

After seeing her friend, the mare declined the offer and left the bar in a hurry.

'Huh, that was weird.' Rainbow said quizzically, but then shrugged, 'Oh well, there are more mares here I can talk into giving my friend a try.'

But every mare that Rainbow talked to responded like the first mare she asked, or said that Rainbow needed to leave them alone.

'Ooh, come on!' Rainbow called out after another mare declined, 'What is it with you mares not wanting to give my friend a shot? I mean, if I heard somepony say those things to me, then I would-'

Rainbow stopped mid sentence, as she thought about what she was about to say, a smile forming on her face as she came to a conclusion.

'Hey!' Rainbow exclaimed happily as she made her way to her friend, 'I found a mare that's willing to become your marefriend!'

But before he could ask, he was tackled by Rainbow as she said, 'Me!' and kissed him for the first time.

End of this story.