• Published 21st Nov 2016
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My little compilation - Viper Freak

Short love stories of a human in Equestria.

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The Pinkie games

The Pinkie games

It was another beautiful day in Ponyville, and Pinkie Pie couldn't be happier as she was bouncing along the road towards her newest, bestest friend.

Well, her bestest human friend.

Oké, the only human friend she knew. But even if there were more humans here, then he still would be her bestest, of that she was sure.

'La lala lala la la~' Pinkie sang happily, thinking of all the fun games they would play.

Maybe they will play a ball bouncing game. It was the first game she played with him when he had come to Equestria and needed some cheering up, which helped as he started smiling when they played.

Maybe they will play hide and seek. She was pretty good at it, but he was no slouch either, even for a big guy like him.

Or maybe they will just lay under their favourite tree with her on top of him, looking into the sky as he would give her a belly rub.

Pinkies eyes drooped and her tongue lolled out of her smiling mouth as she thought about those lovely digits running along her barrel. Silently hoping that, what ever they planned on doing, it would end up with him doing that.

She snapped herself out of those thoughts as she got close to her friend's door, she moved in to knock, but stopped mid-knock as she saw a note hanging on the door.

Taking it from the door, she began to read it, 'Dear Pinkie,' 'That's me!' 'sorry, but I'm not home right now,' her ears drooped a bit, 'Aahw, and I wanted to have fun.' and continued, 'that's because I made a treasure hunt for you to follow.' she gave a wide toothy smile, 'So, here is the first clue: I may look good, but I'm not to eat. Though you can enter me and buy a treat.'

Pinkie scoffed at how easy this riddle was, knowing full well what he was talking about, 'To Sugarcube Corner!' she exclaimed happily, making her way toward the bakery.

Once she entered the shop, she went on a frantic search for the next clue, until Ms. Cake came from the kitchen to check on what was making that noise, 'Pinkie dear, what are you doing?'

'My friend made a treasure hunt for me,' Pinkie said, her smile turning into a frown, 'he said he left the next clue here, but I can't find it.'

Ms. Cake chuckled, 'Maybe you should take another look at your clue Pinkie.'

Pinkie looked quizzically at the older mare, but did what she suggested and read the riddle again, 'Hummm, I got it!' Pinkie cheered, jumping toward Ms. Cake, who chuckled at Pinkies antics.

Pinkie cleared her throat ceremoniously, 'May I require a treat from you Ms. Cake?'

Ms. Cake Giggled at the fancy line before she answered, 'Of course Pinkie.' and went behind the counter to fetch a white box, 'Here you go sweetie.' and she hoofed it over to her.

'Thanks.' Said Pinkie with a smile and opened the box. Inside, there was a note lying on top of a dozen pink and blue cupcakes, she picked the note up and began to read it, 'Congratulations Pinkie, you figured out the first clue. Now here is the second one: To a other shop you must go, where all things green and bright will grow.'

Pinkie thought for a moment, 'I know where I have to go!' She said happily after a moment, 'I have to go to the Flower Sisters Shop!' placed the pastry box on her back and gave a wave to Ms. Cake as she left the bakery.

Entering the flower shop, was she greeted by one of the sisters, 'Hello there Pinkie,' Roseluck said in very cheery demeanour, failing to sound surprised, 'how can I help you?'

Pinkie just thought Roseluck was like that because she was in on the act, 'Hi Rose, did my human friend leave something here for me to pick up?'

'Oh, that strong and tall male creature you hang around with,' Roseluck said, nudging Pinkie with an elbow before heading to the back, 'I'll go and fetch it for you.'

Pinkie didn't know what she meant by that, but before she could think on it any further, did Roseluck come back, carrying a big bouquet with different kinds of pink flowers.

'Wow,' Pinkie said astonished, 'I wonder for who these flowers are.'

'I wouldn't know,' Roseluck said in mock ignorance, 'maybe for his special somepony.'

Pinkie didn't hear it, as she was paying attention to another note that was stuck to the flowers. She took it off and began to read it, 'Sweet Pinkie, this will be the last clue: go to the place we play wild and free, then look under our favourite tree.'

'Well, seeya later Rose, and thanks for keeping the flowers safe.' Pinkie said as she left the shop and headed toward their favourite tree.

As she got to the tree, she noticed that there was a black box lying at the roots.

Stopping in front of it, she opened it, seeing another note lying on the soft fabric and began to read it, 'Dear Pinkie, ever since I got to Equestria, I am glad to have met you. And I can only hope that you'll feel the same too. So I was hoping that you could make this lone human the most happy, if you would like become my very special somepony.'

unable to think of anything else, did Pinkie remove the fabric in the box, revealing a golden hoof bracelet.

Hearing the sound of something walking up to her, was she able to look away and saw her friend looking at her with a loving smile on his face.

Pinkie's eyes teared up and a wide smile appeared on her face as she began to realize that the items she got in the game, were his gifts to her.

Pinkie then leaped into his arms as she proclaimed, 'Yes, yes of course I would like to be your special somepony!'

They ate the cakes together and Pinkie got the best belly rub from her coltfriend.

The end