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I write short romance and adventure stories. I post update blogs. I've been a Brony ever since July 2014.

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I Always Have Ideas · 5:25am Jul 9th, 2022

Hello everyone! I know I went quiet for over 2 years again. But in the recent months, I have quietly returned to writing stories again. I have two stories being worked on these past few months. One where you are the Rainboom's music producer but I am putting that story on hold as I need to rethink of the plot as I don't know where to go with one chapter in the story. The other story involves my OC Caring finding something and taking care of it. This story is being currently worked on and is

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Hello Everypony.

Hello I'm Caring Slash and I write short romance and adventure stories. I write Anon X Pony stories most of the time. Twilight is my favorite pony. Brony Forever!


2nd person stories
Adventure stories
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