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I write short romance and adventure stories. I post update blogs. I've been a Brony ever since July 2014.

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Stories Are Still Coming Out · 10:09pm Jun 24th, 2020

I know it's been over a month or so since I last published something but I am still making stories. I'm experimenting with other types of stories. I have 2 new stories in the making while still working on "Everypony Hurts You". One story involving the Rainbooms and the other involving Cozy Glow. I still need a proofreader when the stories are finished. Until then, stories are still in the making so stay tuned for stories coming out hopefully next month. Stay tuned.

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Hello Everypony.

Hello I'm Caring Slash and I write short romance and adventure stories. I write Anon X Pony stories most of the time. Twilight is my favorite pony. Brony Forever!


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Adventure stories
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