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I write short romance and adventure stories. I post update blogs. I've been a Brony ever since July 2014.


You are the only human in Equestria. After you have been in Equestria for some time, you fall in love with a rainbow haired Pegasus friend. You think it's time to let her know how you feel.

You X Rainbow Dash

Chapters (2)

You decide to take a stroll through the Everfree. Then you get a unfriendly mare that doesn't know who you are. She takes matters into her own hooves and takes you down. After she examines you and explains who she is, you find out that she is a really lonely mare.

You X Trixie

Chapters (1)

You heard about Starlight Glimmer being a one of Twilight's most evil villain she encountered, she took ponies cutie marks away along with Twilight and her friends and she tried to change the past. But she's turn over a new leaf and she's a student of Twilight's. But you don't know that.

But for some reason you suddenly have a crush on her but you don't know that she's change. Will she tell you that she's change or will you get the courage to tell her and get ready for what she's going to do to you.

You X Starlight

Chapters (2)

When you moved to a new town. You started to go to the high school in Canterlot and you were greeted by seven girls but one of them caught your eye and that girl was Sunset Shimmer.

You X Sunset Shimmer

First Equestria Girls romance story

Chapters (2)

Caring takes a trip around Equestria and stops at a small village. But he doesn't know what's in store for him.

Chapters (1)

A pony has fell in love with you: a human. Will she find out or will you tell her?

2nd person romance.

You X Lyra Heartstrings

As of August 1st this story has reached 250 views.

Proofread by PrinceLightningStrike28.

Chapters (2)

Caring gets a human roommate. But the human doesn't know that his hands are something else in Equestria.

First story with my OC.

Spoiler Alert: This story involves a human giving my OC a behind the ear scratch,belly rub, etc.

Thank PrinceLightningFlash for proofreading this.

As of August 22nd this story has reached 250 views.

Chapters (2)

You've had your eyes on Rarity ever since you came to Equestria. Will you tell her that you love her?

Human X Rarity

Please give thanks to PrinceLightningFlash for proofreading this for me.

5th story.

As of June 2016 this story has reached 500 views.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to My Sparkle

If you haven't read My Sparkle please read it first because it might help.

6 months after going on a date with Twilight you decide to take things to the next level. You are going to purpose to her.

Continuation of a Human X pony story. Somepony requested this so I'll do it.:twilightsmile:

Please thank PrinceLightningFlash for proofreading this.

As of July 15th this story has reached 500 views.

As of July 27th this story has reached 15 likes.

Chapters (2)

You decide to be Twilight's test subject for a new spell she wants to try out, but the spell backfired causing you to get hurt and wake up in the hospital.

2nd person story. You X Nurse Redheart.

Big thanks to TheSpiritWolf for proofreading this for me.

As of March 4th this story has reached 250 views.

As of March 17th this story has reached 500 views.

As of April 22th this story has reached 750 views.

As of May 9th a sequel is coming soon.

As of June 3rd this story has reached 1000 views.

Chapters (4)
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