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I write short romance and adventure stories. I post update blogs. I've been a Brony ever since July 2014.


You've had your eyes on Rarity ever since you came to Equestria. Will you tell her that you love her?

Human X Rarity

Please give thanks to PrinceLightningFlash for proofreading this for me.

5th story.

As of June 2016 this story has reached 500 views.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 6 )

Tired premise, execution was bland, and...yeah. Gonna have to leave a down-vote.

Awwww that was such a sweet story :raritywink:

Rushed, chapters are too short, and well...I've read worse love stories, but I'll have to downvote. :pinkiesad2:

That guy has to be the luckiest human in Equestria!

A bit rushed but lovely and enjoyable nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

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