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When Shining Armour suggested to Cadance that they have a second child, he was not prepared for just what "sharing the burden for this one" would mean.

Then again, he... or rather, she isn't complaining.

Contains: pregnant ponies, rule 63/genderswap, and pampering a pregnant mare.

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>no clop<



7716372 You say no clop, I say you aren't trying hard enough. :rainbowwild:

Preggy pony is best pony!

One can never go wrong with a Gleaming Shield story, especially when it's a pregnant Gleaming Shield story! :pinkiehappy:

Great work man!!

This needs a sequel.
I need the sequel in my life.
Don't ask me why, I just feel like a second edition would add even more. :pinkiesmile:

7716445 Nope, fatpone. Pregpone is also good.

7716459 Thank you!

7716470 Maybe some day.

Great story but...a few questions
1. How did Shining's gender get changed
2. How did he - well she - get pregnant??

1. Magic.
2. Also magic.

Hehehe, this was a good story! Will there be a sequel? I hope there will!

It was a good read

1) The implication is that Sunburst found a spell that would allow the gender switch.
2) There are two possibilities.
a) The easier and more likely is that there is a spell that allows a mare to become a stallion. After all, it makes sense that the spells would be able to work both ways, so if a stallion can be turned into a mare, the opposite could be done as well. Thus, Cadance could temporarily become a stallion and impregnate "Gleaming Shield" before reverting to her normal form. This would mean that biologically, Cadance would be the father, and Shining the mother.
b) This is more complicated, and more advanced. An unfertilized egg could have been taken from Cadance, which was then fertilized using Shining's seed. Once that was done, it was implanted in the womb of Shining Armor as Gleaming shield. It's the same method used for In Vitro Fertilization, and would mean that Shining was still the father and Cadance the mother.

7716671 We'll have to wait and see, won't we?

7716675 Thanks.


It's... not all that great as a one-shot, standalone short, to be honest. Looking through your stories, it's quickly obvious that you're very much a niche, fetish writer right now. Of which this certainly seems to fall into. Having read it, there's just... it evokes nothing to me. Not as a fetish story, not as a one-shot standalone, it's just words on paper, so to speak. Too short to really get around to much of anything, I think is the biggest issue present.

Given that statement though, I believe that if you stepped outside of your niche you've built for yourself, and gave an attempt at making this into a story, with more details from beginning to end, you could have a shot at making something really good. So, whatever you end up doing, expanding this into a story or not, just some food for thought. (Puns unintentional)

7716740 Thanks for the feedback. Honestly, I'm fully aware that I'm a niche fetish writer, and I've never pretended to be anything else. As for the length, blame the fact that I'm pretty wiped from college work at the moment.

Oh I am such a sucker for pregnancy fluff stories and this one gets an upvote from me.


The answers to those questions made me laugh:rainbowlaugh:

Also... i love this fic:heart:

This wasn't bad, but the currently ongoing story Fecundity does the concept a whole lot better, and with quite a bit of clop to it.

Then again, he... or rather, she isn't complaining.

Probably because the author censored out his complaints. XD

7718395 When you can't be bothered to answer someone's questions about characters in your fanfic.

Just say 'It's magic'. XD

7720316 I know, but I wasn't exactly planning to do the next Fecundity, anyway. Glad you enjoyed it, in any case.

7720317 Oh, I'm not in the habit of censorship -- more in the habit of "not killing the mood with angst and complaining". :twilightsmile:

7720321 Now you're getting it!

7720888 Yay! Points for UniqueSKD!


7721322 Thanks, Person-Whose-Fic-I-Am-Totally-Not-Trying-To-Emulate.

No! Shining, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into! Giving birth as a human is painful, but I can't BEGIN to imagine what birthing a baby quadruped with hooves would be like! Stop talking before it too late! AAAAHHHHHHHH!

*runs out of room screaming*

7803302 Hehe, thanks. I needed that chuckle. :rainbowlaugh:

7716682 so, any plans on a sequel?

Honestly I would love to see more chapters get added to this! I think Shining-I mean Gleaming Shield, would enjoy being Cadances broodmare wife! I love the concept and would love to see more of this.

7988927 Glad you liked it so much!

How did he even get pregnant if Cadence is a female?

Magic. *snort snort*

Ever heard of the alicorn cock spell?

I do

It's a rather gross thought.

they asked sunburst:yay:

"But, come on..." Gleaming smiled, gesturing to herself. "Me, cute? When I'm the size of a frigging whale?"

insert mood swing

Dont mind me just your friendly everyday traveler who likes this kinda thing

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