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Yeah, I'm dead now. Cya in the afterlife.

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Perhaps the greatest idea mankind will ever have. · 10:43pm Apr 18th, 2017

So, are ya ready? You don't look ready yet. I'd better make some pre-plot-twist-reveal-tension and make everybody wonder what is going on.
*dramatic music*
You're still not ready. Go watch all of Blood Lad and come back to me when you've accomplished that feat (it's not that hard- there's only about 10 episodes (although there's the 60+ chapter manga...))
So, you think you're ready for the greatest idea ever?

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2379443 You seem like a cool person. How I came across you? Well, I got bored and started looking through various groups.

Thanks for the follow!:eeyup: May I ask why I deserve it? Also, how did you come by me?

Yeah, I know how that feels. And you're welcome. X3

2361082 Sure, and thanks, I'll try! Unfortunately, I have very minimal power over my ailment, and as such, I'm still sick. Much appreciated though. :)

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Perhaps some of the greatest stories I've read on this site