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It's been a problem for a while now, but now it has reached its peak.

The males of Equestria are becoming less and less common. The odds of having a male nowadays is 1,042:1. All the stallions are held in containment for safekeeping, as sexual assault is at an all time high. Every mare wants a child, after all, and it's becoming harder to become a mother, and some will go to extreme measures to do so. It is considered a privilege, not a right, to have a child.

One mare, who has been given the a-ok, has never felt more thrilled at the mere possibility of bearing a child. But soon, everything begins to topple down for her, and she begins to have second thoughts.

Thanks to Tale Trillionare, and Jay Romeo for pre-reading.

Also, thanks to Kleora for editing!

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I absolutely love this concept, and hopefully you all do too! That way we can brutally force politely ask Cyn to give us moar.
And I can have more to edit. *grabby hands*

“My life is like that of a caged bird, yet it’s somepony else who ends up singing.”

shit dude
that line really hit me
right in the feels

it's an interesting concept, and I feel it could be expanded on with a sequel.
or just continue this story, whatever.

have a like and a moustache. :moustache:

Quite an interesting concept you have going here. Kind of reminds me of the start of FoE:PH. I'm interested to see where this goes.

This is one of the deepest one-shots that I have ever read... I really mean that.:ajsmug:

The scariest thing about this fic is that it's actually coming true in our own world slowly. We're at about a 52:48 ratio of women to men on Earth and in a few thousand years, men will actually be considered a valuable commodity. Hopefully never to this fic's extent, but it is slowly happening...

Great story, really made me feel sympathy for all involved, even the background characters.

Damn...this was deep and dark.:twilightsmile:

Edit: make moar....now!

Very good fic, I could see this with some sort of follow up but it's good the way it is. Like and a fav!

3842099 Don't worry, I have a plan. And no, I'm not going to elaborate on it, Spoilers.

Follow up follow up


Here's an idea or at least suggestion, write a chap with Joy being pregnant, her guilt of having sex with a 15 y/o , then when she;s in labour and either she have a daughter or she have a son but is soon taken away by the ERA.

How about that ? What you think ?

The human 52:48 ratio is -in part- due to a curious phenomena which occurs in pregnant women.
It effects both male and female children, however the males are far more likely to suffer from this.

The mother's body -more precisely, certain parts of the immune and reproductive systems- most often sees a female child as being the same as the mother (As the genetics are so similar), that is to say, it recognizes that it is meant to be there.

However, with some children (And far more often, a male child), the mother's body will see that the child is not the same.
Sadly, sometimes the immune system responds to the child like an invading foreign body, and will kill the fetus shortly after conception.

This is one of the several things that can happen that are lumped into the term "miscarriage" (I'm sure all the conditions leading to miscarriage have overly-complex latin medical names).

We have yet to find what the cause to this condition is.
All we have is the educated guess that the child's genetics simply bore too many more similarities to the father than the mother.

Oddly enough, this seems to happen far more in humans than any other species.
As well, it is widely thought (Though it cannot yet be proven one way or another) that this is a relatively new condition, which may have not even existed just a few hundred years -an estimated 300 or 400 to 600 years. I cannot exactly recall, as I am recounting this from memory- ago.

Obviously this is only one of many things effecting the male to female ratio for humans today, but I thought I would mention it, as I found it quite interesting when I had learned this.

I am confused, why does the room look like a stained horror movie motel room?

This is no doubt the highest funded program in Equestria.

I am surprised that the males do not have at least somewhat adequate living facilities (As the outside society leads you to assume).
The U.S. military does this already for over 100x the numbers. Cheaply (it's astonishing how little of the money actually goes to things that are not intended to fire bullets, go boom, or otherwise kill with automation or chemicals or what-have-you), efficiently, and with insane installation/dismantle speeds.

This would be the most logical way to do this, as both the separated "Societies" (being men in the facility, and women outside of it) would be far less likely to attempt to change the situation.

As-is, this would be a political nightmare should too many of the female side be outraged at the poor living situations that their children are forced into.
And it's not like it's a big secret. Even at the rate of 2 females per male a day, that's the entire female population in just under a year and three to four months.

Really, this is entirely do-able.

Spend some money making the facility large enough to house, protect, and entertain a population of about 1,500, as a little overkill never hurts just in case (But more facilities should be built for when the male populous rises, as it will rise by about 8-10 fold in under two short decades).

-One facility (to start), with a "Ticket" lady at the only entrance, just like we saw with the line.
-Every male there is constantly under the highest level of protection the entire country can bring to bear.
-The males all get free food (in order for the body to keep up with both the rigors of sex multiple times a day, and to ensure healthy sperm production, they would no doubt want to ensure the males are well fed, and with healthy, nutritious foods).
-No potential for civil war over the terrible conditions and lack of living space.
-And best of all, the guys are not committing suicide left-right-n'center (You know with a dreary life like the one shown in there, at least a fair few would try it, and would eventually succeed).

It would take less than 90 years before the population was back up to around 1:10, and that is taking into consideration that they could allow the males to have a vasectomy and re-join the outside society after about 15-20 years in the facility.

This would also help the civilization, as all the women would know that the released males could not give them a child, which would allow the outside to re-acclimatize to males in the population (Males who would not be at great risk of being raped).
It would need to start out slowly, with guards protecting them for short trips into populated areas, then lower the protective detail as the women got used to the sight and presence of the men (Who would also increase in appearance as more reached their release date).
After a decade of this, they would be free to roam about as normal citizens again.

Silver lining for the guys-
An entire generation or two of males would be able to simply canter over to any attractive female, say "Hey, wanna screw?", and 9 times out of 10, score simply for the sake of having sex (With literally 0% chance of unintended pregnancy).

3842176 I agree. Sadly though, although their are 22 boys and only 5 girls in gym, this does seem likely within the next century or two. But I definitely need moar!

3842099 It's mostly because males die earlier than females. The amount of born males and females are mostly 50:50 but when you are studying a list of people over 70 years old you start seeing there being more females than males and this goes up the whole list, ratio of females to males increasing. This can be explained by males living habits that are usually more damaging than females living habits. I wouldn't be too concerned.

Wow. Just the idea is fantastic. I'm going to be travelling for the next few days, but I'll definitely read it later.

3842541 I thought that also was because a lot of males over 70 died in World War 2 or subsequent wars while females stayed home. That's the case in Canada, at least.
But females do live like 5 years longer on average, I think.

No, this is actual birth statistics, not simply population statistics, I'm afraid.
You can look it up if you like, it was a while ago that I checked. Fairly sure it's still slanting towards the females' side, though.


This is fucking twisted...

Well done... Well done indeed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Holy fucking shit, I knew my instincts were spot on in deciding to follow you! :pinkiecrazy:


I'm afraid you're wrong about that. According to this Wikipedia page on the subject, among humans, male births are actually slightly more common than female ones.


Males definitely tend to die younger than females, but it's not really clear how much of that is from lifestyle, and how much is due to society subjecting males to more physical risks. For instance:

-Males bear the brunt of the casualties in war.
-Males are around 5 times more likely to be murdered than females are.
-Males are around 3 times more likely to die in an accident than females are.
-Males are around 3 times more likely to successfully commit suicide than females are.
-Dangerous occupations tend to be disproportionately male (construction workers, miners, garbage men, etc.).
-Around 65% of homeless people are male.

Great story. Really, really good idea.

But the Equestrians are extremely fucking stupid. They have the technology to compare DNA, but they house the stallions in risky, unsanitary conditions, and they use the traditional method to impregnate the mares. What they should do is to collect sperm from every stallion twice a day, for 500 days.. Oh shit wait. If they birth ratio of 1042:1 remained the same, it would take 1369.84 years for the population ratio to become more or less 1:1... Unless they collected 20 times a day. It would take 137 years to do- oh shit no! The mare population would grow too! For every male, there would be 1042 born! The total population would go up to one billion. And you have to take into account the death ratio, the pregnancy time... Too many factors to calculate at 3 in the morning.

But I suppose that in 50-70 years, they would be capable of genetic manipulation, which would make everything easier. That magic crap would help too.


And to think, it took me forever just to calculate just what 1042:1 meant. :twilightoops:

It really helps when you have a calculator on your hand.

3846264 It would only work with cloning - use telekinesis (if telekinesis is not fine enough a mix of telekinesis and the same surgical instruments we use) to extract the stallion's DNA from a random cell, assemble a few more telomeres (or take them from additional cells or do some minor tweaks to the telomerasis), implant it into a random ova and boom, finished. If you want more genetic diversity only take the stallion's Y-chromosome and combine it with a random mare's DNA.
Hell, even just dividing the sperm into smaller portions and distributing them would work - you can use telekinesis for artificial insemination. The only thing that is not viable is the traditional method.

What would you do if it was considered a privilege, not a right, to have a child? When the number of stallions in Equestria is at an all time low, what will a mare do in order to become a mother?

Kill everyone.

Humans are approaching this happy state from two directions: a declining birth rate -- it's incredibly expensive to raise a child, and besides, with both of us working there's just no time -- and a move towards governmental supervision of sex that they for some implausible reason think will actually reduce sexual assault. (Already there exist "consent forms," which are optional for now but likely won't be in the future.) Furthermore, American society has gone out of its way to devalue males, who are viewed as troublesome brats early on and potential rapists later; it's just a matter of time before snuffing them in the womb becomes routine.

So our time is coming. Fortunately for me, I'll be long gone by then.

My god. I'm not sure what to think. It's beautiful, yet sickening at the same time. You really are an artist, Cyneryk.

There is no need for cloning. If they are capable of DNA manipulation they can work with things that are a bit bigger too. The sperm has millions of cells, you just have to pick one, force its way into the ovum, and then repeat this process over and over again until you end up with millions of embryos.

Moar please


Guess what, my good sire! The review's done, check it out! :moustache:

...Now, to to the paperwork...

Here's the deal.

I tell you to write more, and you write more. How does that sound?


I've actually been pondering it...



Why does the mares in this society wants to bear children ? Besides keeping the population what other reasons for them to go such process ?

I'll keep my review sweet and short.

Bit of a plothole in it. Mostly (and this might be just me) but it takes four minute for a male to put in their contribution, females take about 9 months.

And 31 seems a bit too knowledgeable about what Joy is thinking.

Now that that's out of the way.


The premise is like children of men mixed with prison, the plot carried me through and the style of writing sealed it for me.

Understand that a 9/10 would have to give me a bj and a beer, so 8.5 is the highest I can give you without getting your number *I'm joking*

It's good, and its getting my stamp of approval.

I don't think continuing it would be great, because as is it's a nice, leaving you thinking ending. And you fill in the points, readers will lose that reason to think.

3842099 3842541 3842468
Untrue. Like most sexual species, the sex ratio in humans is approximately 1:1. The sex ratio for the entire total world population, all ages, is 101 males (50.25%) to 100 females (49.75%).

As a species, we're in no danger of a sex ratio imbalance (although Qatar has 3.3 males per female, they just might be in a little trouble—at least for one generation, then they'll probably be okay). We're doing just fine in that regard. Stop buying into foundless rumors and conspiracy theories.

Okay this is true fan fiction! It builds it's own world and drops you into it. It shows its hand right in the beginning and leaves you dealing with what you've seen. If there ever is more of this story/universe I would love to read about it. I love the premise, the morals, and the world building. This story is a gateway into opportunities for amazing stories set in this world! My only complaint is that it tells you the scenario and leaves you wanting so much more about this fan universe.

Would read more stories set in the same fictional world.

Uh, thanks?
But also, look at when I commented. I've known this new information for quite a while now, having already been corrected on it months ago.
However, that fact about Qatar is interesting.

Why couldn't it have been 1024?

That is one of my favorite numbers


To be honest, I've been thinking of doing exactly that, making a story in this same world. Not involving Joy and 31, but yeah.

If enough people ask for it, I may deliver. :D


You ever read a book called the change? That and this are similar in almost every aspect.

One story I would really like to hear is about a mother who is hiding a colt from the government, that would be awesome!

Does this fan universe have a name yet, because I want to join it!

Aaaaand there went my one and only idea.

And I haven't thought of a name.... I never thought a "verse" would be created off of this, truthfully. Haha.


Maybe just "Ratio-verse"? Haha.

Don't- jesus...don't sign your name at the bottom...we can see it on the left of the comment...just...*bleck*

I'll admit signing your name when you can see it right next to your comment is a bit odd, but it's not like it's hurting anything. There are certain occasions where signing makes sense, like when your comment is so long people don't want to scroll to the top to see who wrote it.

I actually like the sound of Joy-verse. I mean it would be based of of this story featuring Joy and it rolls off the tongue easier than "Ratio-verse". Maybe you could make a pole of what to name the verse.



That's perfect. Haha.


It is a bit ironic sounding to... what with all the misery and dwindling population. Man I have so many ideas for stories in this universe... probably never gonna write them though, I'm to damn lazy.


Hey man, if you're not gonna write it, send the ideas my way! I'm sure I can make good use of them. At least I hope so, haha.


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