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Owen awakes one morning to find tiny ponies populating his home. Like any rational person, he proceeds to cry like a little girl.

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My friend Owen got pissed at me in school for drawing a doodle of a few ponies grouped together saying "Love us, Owen!" Naturally, I had to turn it into a fic.

3299168 You sir, are a God all your own. I don't even think Kratos would want to kill you.

*sees comment.*

Reads fic.*


I'm okay with this fic.

no. just... no.
I personally don't like my ponies squashed, and this was far to dark to be funny.
just... no.

3299308 Your opinion has been noted, and disregarded completely.

3299168 Best fucking troll ever.

tfw my sides are in orbit.

Faved and upvoted.

3299310 I figured it would be. Kudos for an awesome way of handling a negitive comment!

Ah, yet another oneshotober addition for Regi.
Shit, I really need to get started.

Ok WHAT IS THAT....i mean is it supposed to be funny, entertaining or something. I mean this your first story I have read and no offence but it really is not the best one I have seen...by far. I really try my best here not to be mean but after such a story it is REAAAALLY HARD:facehoof: Sorry but I didn't like it at all.

3299327 *clap* yay! No flame war!

Cheers for making me throw up you pubescent drama queen. :pinkiehappy:
Did I throw up? I've seen some shit. This didn't affect me.
Are you a pubescent drama queen? yes and so am I... lets make a club. We can call it Fuck Club!
... Oh wait. :twilightoops:

3299335 Alright, I have 83 other stories, maybe you'll like one of them.

3299335 It's Regidar. He makes a shit-ton of bad(But somewhat entertaining stories) and a few very feelsy serious stories... I think about... 24. This was just a shitty one shot for him.

3299347 Sorry if I was a little bit harsh on you:fluttershysad: But I will check out your other stories)) Which one would you reccomend?

Haven't even read this and I'm laughing.:rainbowlaugh:

3299351 it depends on what you're looking for
anything on the sidebar there to your right will give you a good read, although I recommend Hospice, If You Must, He Gave Her A Rose, and His Thorn On The Rose for emotional fics
You want something just to have a decent, fun read, I recommend Time, Shine, Foals, He (or She) who Hesitates Is Lost!, Try Not To Die!, Beautiful Corpse, and Daft Punk Saves Equestria

3299362 I think I will read he gave her a rose:twilightsmile: write ya right back in some time:twilightsmile:

3299362 Ok I have read He gave her a rose and it was a nice poetic and romantic story:twilightsmile: I liked it.

3299168 ..... My opinion of the story? Well, let's go over what happened and decide from that.

*sees story* *thinks it's going to be something else entirely*
*reads first part* *shudders*
*reads rest* ... WELL.... that just happened.....
*reads comment* ......... Hehe.... Is he mad, bro?:trollestia:
*goes to bathroom to use it and brush teeth(because it's 6:00 a.m. where I am at)*
*randomly vomits to point of saliva mixing with blood* *thinks about what could have caused it*
So either I'm a pansy or random vomiting is random. ( I'm going with the second one, because I know I'm not that big of a pansy to vomit just because of cockroaches and characters getting smashed.)
Overall......... It was good. Not what I was expecting but good. So, good job! :ajsmug:

3299168 Did you show him this yet? I think he'll like it. :trollestia:

I feel sorry for Owen. Cockroaches taste terrible without proper seasoning.


Wow... and here I thought eating half-week old leftover pizza from the breakroom at work was nightmare fuel.

The little green bits aren't fungus, I'm pretty sure they're peppers or something.

This falls into the "WTF did I just read?" category of randomness. Have a mustache. :moustache:

Regidar, are you a dadaist?

Owen reminds me of the new guy in prison and a guard yells 'Lights out!' :rainbowlaugh:

And then Owen was roach food.

3299381 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

3300156 Yeah and since you are so legendary and I am a sucker for short stories I am going to read some more fellow Nirvana fan:twilightsmile:

3300166 Well, enjoy! I'd suggest not to go to some of my earlier works, as in summer 2012, because those are just horribly written. Also, I have a fair amount of stupid short stories like this one right here, so watch out if you don't like those.

3300186 Well thanks for the warnings and have a great time:twilightsmile:

3299828 An Andalusian Pony. I'm calling dibs.

how do i piss you off

:yay: isnt the nature just fascinating?

My question...

Have you shown him this yet?

~Skeeter The Lurker



Videotape Owen's reaction to reading this epic.
Do eet, faggit

3300835>>3301161>>3301296 on monday our time will come

Love it! Had to read it as my name's in the title! :pinkiehappy:

3301972 Just a heads up, this story is probably not about you.

Hey, gimme some slack, I only heard of it yesterday.

I never thought I'd love the idea of squishing tiny ponies to death. It's morbidly satisfying to write...I just whipped up a story of this same premise, only with Trevor from GTA V fame doing the indiscriminate crushing of little chubby ponies.

3307642 to be honest neither did I, and then I wrote about it. Good times. crush fetish amiright

in other news you have the same amount of followers as the amount of weeks you have been on this site
both are 42
only logical conclusions is that you are god
i will follow you blindly, and kill myself or others if you so desire

Bitch, what you talkin bout' Cinnamon Toast Crunch, for. Nigga, Imma come up there and slap the shit out cho' head.

3309400 CTC master race biatch

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