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The long awaited sequel to Two Worlds; One Family

Guilt is a special type of magic, but it doesn't last forever--especially when compared to a much stronger magic, one thousands of years old. To stop this magic, Harry must learn of it. To learn of it, he must experience it's creation. And the only way to do that is to go back in time... five-thousand years.

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I've been looking so forward to this... Thank you for continuing. :pinkiehappy:

Not what I was expecting, but not unwelcome.

I can't remember which child in Equestria fic yours was? Can you elaborate please?

Let's hope humans 5000 years in the past in the story are us today!

2879976No, I know the title. I mean what happened in it? I have a few child in Equestria fics in my favorites.

2881168 Fluttershy raised a human. Most ponies didn't like him. He had a hard life.

2881179Hmmm. I remember some parts of it... Is it the one where Celestia pretended to kill him to get the townsfolk to accept him?

it always bugged me why all ponies were so racist towards Harry, now we got an explanation

Interesting start. I look forward to more:twilightsmile:

I am going to expect great things from this new story, the plot seems interesting.
Since i haven't found many stories, were ain't just 1 pony/human in their reflective worlds.
So this is going to be great!

At last the plot thickens! At last there is a plot! Huzzah! :yay:

Oooooo...fighting! Go human brutality and instincts!

humans enslaved by ponys? how little do you think of your own kind to be a bunch of pussys that cant fend for them selvs without the help of ponys the humans you must be writing about must have had there balls cut off because we survived far wors things than the wilderness

An interesting, if violent start. I wonder if Celestia herself was the one to curse all humans for eternity and promptly mind-wipe the fact to prevent herself from undoing it in the future? That sounds a but cliche but too much fiction and movies lead me to that conclusion. In any case, I eagerly await what shenanigans Harry stumbles into next.

2895100 Yes, how could we be enslaved by beings that can bend the forces of nature to the will, in a time when there was constant fighting and war between tribes making the ponies far tougher than their decendants.

oh please there are far weaker species in mlp than humans why enslave us over them i mean humans would have had a rebelion within the week of being enslaved and ponys were in conflict with each other so making another enemy would not be wise....

I thought Harry's defender was Fluttershy? Either that I am not reading the story correctly.

2907379 The city is only populated by unicorns. Twilight is the first one that came to his mind.

So I guess Harry got lucky in that he picked a unicorn as his "defender" and hasn't actually said much of anything. Why is he afraid of saying exactly what his purpose is in the past to Remlocke? He can't keep the lies up forever.

I think I know what's going on here.

Would you tell some random stranger you don't know-who wanders around with parts of people strapped to his neck-exactly who you were, and exactly what you were doing?

Well he seems to be the most friendly person we've met so far (and that's saying something). I'd be spilling my guts out by now.

The set-up reminds me of Rome so very much. Unicorns being the Romans and humans being, well, you get the picture. All that's missing is a coliseum where human warriors fight for the crowds; I'm sure they could find more interesting critters to fight than lions in the Everfree forest.

Harry may be the only human currently in Equestria, but he certainly is not the first. Come with me.


2907379 Form what I read defenders are those of the unicorns who use human slaves, if Im correct pegasai didn't keep the same opinions of the human race so if he said his mothers name the other human would be like dafuq?

A mob of some 30 unicorn guards were patrolling, looking for some runaway humans. As the guards were patrolling, a bunch of humans, each holding staffs, popped out of the bushes.

"HALT!" Shouted the lead guard, "If you surrender peacefully you're deaths will be quick and painless!"

"You will release our brothers, or risk eradication!" Shouted the lead human; who, along with the other humans, wasn't intimidated in the slightest, that demand made all the guards laugh like school foals.

"You can't be serious." Said the lead guard once he calmed his laughter, "We have you out numbered and our powers would stop you before you even..."

"You're numbers and weapons mean nothing to us; you ponies have ruled far too long, we The Sapiens will personally overthrow the ponies!" Interrupted the lead human, causing the guards to laugh hysterically once more.

"Enough of this!" Shouted the lead guard after the laughter ended, "SURRENDER!"

"We, The Sapiens, do not take orders!" Shouted the lead human.

The lead guard fired a death beam out of his horn at the lead human; the lead human quickly placed his rod in front of himself, causing the beam to vanish, leaving the lead human unharmed. Then the lead human fired a beam out of his staff, making the lead unicorn vanish.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!?!?!" Demanded another unicorn.

"I sent him to the Earthpony capital city *All the unicorns gasped* consider that an act of mercy."

"Sapiens be warned, you have declared war on the unicorns!"

"And the Earthponies, and the Pegasi, and the Donkeys, etc etc!"

"There are 25 million unicorns alone, and only 5 million humans. How can you possibly win those odds!?"

"We don't speak for every human, just us Sapiens!"

"And how many "Sapiens" are there?"


"You actually believe you can win a war with only 17 humans?"

"We would win with only ONE human."


I know I already did something like this, but there's just so much I that can be done with this awesome fic.

Twilight and the others went back in time to rescue Harry, they arrive in the sewer where Harry is rumored to be in a place called the Court Of Sapiens. While walking in the sewers Twilight whispers, "This doesn't feel right."

"What do you mean?" Rainbow states; this place is dark, and spooky, it would normally seem too obvious to say THAT.

"I mean, shouldn't there be a guard, or a booby trap or..." Twilight said before her illumination on her horn went out, "An ambush."

Out of nowhere some humans holding torches came out of nowhere, holding rods that shut off unicorn horns when they're within a certain distance. The humans jump to the mane six and Spike, and lasso them up.

"Well well well," Said the lead human,"What do we have here?"

"Trespassers!" Shouted one human.

"Spies!" Shouted another.

"We're not spies!" Twilight tried to explain, but the human behind her gagged her mouth shut with a rag (a very dirty one) as well as the rest of them.

"Don't interrupt me!" Warned the lead human, "You're very clever to have found our hideaway; unfortunately you won't live to tell the tale."

"Maybe who've heard of a terrible place where the humans of the city collect in a lair, maybe you've heard of that mythical place called The Court Of Sapiens. Hello, you're there! Where the lame can walk, and the blind can see; but the dead don't talk; so you won't be around to reveal what you have found.
We have a method for spies and intruders, rather like hornets protecting their hive. Here in The Court Of Sapiens, where it would be inhumane if we let you out alive!"

They took the six ponies and dragon to a large room where the lead human hopped up to a hanging gallows where he announced to an audience, "Gather around everybody there's good 'noose' tonight. It's quite a header, a bunch of pony spies."

"BOOOO!!" Shouted the indignant audience.

"Yes that's right; six ponies, and their loyal reptilious henchman." Continued the lead human, slapping Spike on the head.

"Justice is swift in The Court Of Sapiens, I am the lawyers and judge all in one. We like to get the trial over with quickly because it's the sentence that real important!

The lead human turned to the seven doomed ones, "Any last words?"

"Mhmhmh!" Said all seven of them.

"I never said you could talk!" Shouted the angry lead human.

"Now that we've seen all the evidence...THEY ARE GOING TO HANG!" The lead human and audience all shouted the last part, and as the lead human reached for the lever that would kill them all, but someone shouted, "STOP!"

Everyone turned to the source, who was non-other than Harry, "These ponies aren't spies, they're my friends."

I take it this fic is dead?

na its not dead its just ashes

Why is has there been such a long hiatus

Ok, so racism is literally can't a curse. Not just metaphorically. . . Sounds legit.:coolphoto:

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