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Discord has been reformed— mostly. Still, Princess Celestia seems to have trouble controlling what appears to be a seething hatred for him whenever nopony else is around.

When the Princess approaches him one day before a royal ball, Discord begins to see the situation a bit better.

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Here's to number 100

And here it is.

Number 100.

And what a story, too.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Made me think of this song.


weren't you going to do a nirvana crossover as your 100th story

(ein)hundert stories! that's a 00 dubs!!!! good work bby! <3

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3534643 the system couldn't handle my 100th story obvs

Congrats on hundredth story!:twilightsmile:

“Well, who needs followers?

Yeah, Regi, who needs more followers?

3534668 followers are for chumps

Congrats! I always love your stories:twilightsmile:


Nice, 100

that was an interesting story. and congratz on number 100.:twilightsmile:

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

“That’s odd, I can hardly breath in here,”


“Oh, my dear Princess, you are the hight of comedy,”

Seems like the 'e' key is sticky... :pinkiecrazy:

3534882 gross
anyway, fix'd
thank you

I love your serious stories :twilightsmile:

3535012 haha, thanks man


Congrats on 100 Regi!

P.S. ur a faget

Beat me to it. Damn.

I talked it over. I debated it with a few of the admins/contributors.

Congratulations. This made the Library.

~Skeeter The Lurker


No problem, man. Enjoy it.

Number one hundred and it hits with a bang!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thumbs up 4 Floyd, will read later.

3535155 woo
thanks man, hope you like it
faves for glory

This ad appeared on the page:
I no longer want to live on this planet. :ajbemused:

>not using adblock
>stay pleb

Pass the juice, please.

3535316 Gas the jews? Well that seems a little extreme but okay


>using adblock on fimfics
>not supporting our glorious horsefic utopia
Stay casual

Yeah! Celestia referrence from "Keep Calm and Flutter On" ending. :pinkiehappy:

so... did they get back together? i dont get it

3535281 has anypony actually shipped derpy and luna? :rainbowhuh:

100th story gets featured, and damn right it should be! Congrats, you lovable rogue you.

for as little as it means coming from some random like me i still feel i need to say,regi when you write storys like this they never fail to be amazing. and every time i finish them i dont see things the same way anymore.

3536855 huh. Sort of surprised I hadn't stumbled upon that before.

This was nice. You always tell good stories, but this one had a special something to it I can't wrap my mind around. Thanks for posting it and have a great day. :twilightsmile:

3534574 Wait... You're the author. My apprehensiveness has been doubled. XD

Will read....

Oh yeah, reference to the Season 4 episodes 1 and 2 too!

3534620 You have done it, you created it.

One hundred stories,

also you just crack the top fifty most fallowed authors you are #49 at this point.



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