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Discord has been reformed for quite some time now, and so far, everything seems to be going fine.

Fluttershy doesn't think so, however, so she sets off to talk to him.

After all, what are friends for?

Submission for the Everfree Northwest convention writing contest. If you like my work, consider donating to my Ko-Fi.

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You can sleep in a coffin, but the past ain't through with you~

Yay another story!
You're a really good writer. Great story.


I hope that you and your friends aren’t too hung up on that. It was only a little bit of personality-inversion, but nonetheless was wrong of my. I’m sorry. -Discord.”

Think you meant me.

4026779 Oh, thank you. :twilightsmile:

:yay: Aww, short, sweet, and cute.



No problem.

Regi, my little shitposter, since when did you start being good at this writing business?

This was adorable and well written. Very sweet!!

4026829 I'll let you know when it happens

I like it. It's short, it's sweet, and it's cute. I'd say your chances of winning are pretty good!

4027171 Hehe, thanks for that :twilightsmile:

'In vain', not 'in vein'

I'm honestly curious as to why you stopped posting your trademarked "Shit Stories." I love the cute and serious ones, but I miss your old crazy stories as well

4027389 oi, was wandering about this, but I'm shitfuck lazy. Thanks for helping me out. :pinkiehappy:

4027691 I foresee shit in your future
better lay of the chinese for a bit

Yo! Regi, didn't realize you were that good at writing.

4028043 neither did I, apparently!

Short, sweet, and heartwarming. It's always nice to see this side of Discord in stories. It makes him seem more like an actual individual than a cartoon character when authors present this side of him.

You have my thumbs up and fave Regidar. :twilightsmile:

~ Super-Brony12

I've read too many shipfics:facehoof:

Regidar :3 finally i lol

AWWWW! How sweet! They belong together.:heart:

Goodness, that's awfully sweet. Well written, too.

A nice look at the new Discord, and featuring the breezies was a really nice touch. It's good to see a story about Discord that isn't totally insane, and that actually has substance and meaning. Nice work.

I wish you luck in the contest.

Damn. This might be your best story yet. The dialogue and characterization of Discord is incredible. (And he's fucking hard to write well.)

Mad props to ya. Or whatever the hell you kids say nowadays.

dose feels doe... :fluttercry:

Lovely and simple. Nothing too grand, but not too simplistic. Characters are acting just right. Excellent work.

P.S. Mootaloo thinks you should write more of this :D

4034507 Compony confirmed for M00taloo tulpa :raritywink:

4036947 oh god what the fuck me and my friend were just discussing a mootaloo tulpa, are you psychic?

4037023 shhh don't tell anyone
the government will only want to use my powers for evil

4037114 ... and then they bucked right?

4038961 i imagine if they bucked it would be painful
bucking hurts
getting bucked hurts
as someone who has been bucked by a horse, I can testify
now if they had sex that would have been neat

Best story yet. A nice take on Discord and Fluttershy's friendship. That ex-girlfriend vibe :rainbowlaugh:

This was fun. Discord was very well-written. :yay:

I don't feel like this really resolved properly. Like, one moment, fluttershy is worried that Discord isn't really happy, and then the next she say's he's improving and reads him the first friendship letter he wrote. And then it's done. :applejackunsure:

Author Interviewer

dat ex-girlfriend vibe :D

This story was unfortunately far too typical and uninspired for my tastes, not to mention I don't feel that it engaged the prompt. But hey, it gets the votes, doesn't it?

4046000 nice way of being passive-aggressive, bud. Just outright tell me if you think it sucks without anything else tacked on, mmkay?

4043028 life's not perfect

I myself enjoyed this fic. It was light and pleasant. :twilightsmile:

Alright. With all the writing present, it all boils down to the same old relationship we've known from the show writers in regards to the Fluttershy/Discord dynamic. You added nothing that I can sense. In the show, Discord, the spirit of disharmony, realizes that there is more to life than simply...being. This is a turning point for the character as it allows him to open up to new ideas including friendship. Your story reflects what we already know. The relationship they two have is special and they're good friends. Discord was a villain but not a villain proper, that he believed himself to be a villain. We don't see the character in a different light that advances understanding of him. Instead you just copy. I don't feel that you depicted Fluttershy accurately. She wouldn't have seen him claiming friendship as forced. She helped him and gave him an opportunity that only he could have taken on his own, even without threat of imprisonment in stone. I don't know where you have supposedly met the prompt. I really don't. Discord is a friend by this point and even casually refers to Twilight and others as friends. Discord also wouldn't have been so thick as to misjudge Celestia's reaction to him as anything but reasonable. But he is still a trickster to the very end.
I think the breezies reference went nowhere but took up too much of the overall story. I am not sure why they were added really. Fluttershy was also too forceful in the way she spoke.
So, the story just takes advantage of a hyper popular character relationship just for the sake of taking advantage of low hanging fruit. You add nothing and yet you are still popular which attests to the overall way that stories are treated here from what I've seen. It's a pity.
I stand by my rating. I dislike your story and think you could have done better.

4046323 Thank you. See, that actually helps me instead of pissing me off as your previous comment did. :twilightsmile:

this was not a bad story i liked it short and sweet! X3

Celestia turned discord into stone cuz he broke up with her.:twistnerd:

That ending! D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww! :heart:

I friend-ship these two so hard. :twilightsmile: Have a thumbs up.

Couple of things:

Slithering down the blue tree, Discord curled up in the green glass below

I couldn't tell if this was a typo or if Discord actually keeps glass grass. :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh?” Fluttershy said, blinking uncomfortably as she struggled not to associate the last memory with Discord giving her a gaze this deep and direct with the current situation.

Didn't understand this sentence at all, I'm afraid.

4196951 I'll change the first "with" to "of". It's referring to when Fluttershy was brainwashed by Discord in the S2 opening.

or if Discord actually keeps glass grass

I wouldn't put it past him. :raritywink:

4199945 Maybe "as she struggled not to associate the current situation with the last time Discord had given her a gaze this deep and direct"? He pretty much poked her head in Return of Harmony, though. :twilightblush:

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