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The book was empty. Purely empty. Each page was as blank as the last. There were no words; there was no title. There was nothing but page after page of blank, white paper.

So Twilight reads it.

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I seem to have a penchant for writing depressing, yet somewhat hopeful stories right before/right after a finale.

I had actually had a document with the first paragraph written in it for many months—almost seven. Today I was provided the perfect opportunity to write the rest of the story.

RIP Golden Oaks Library. ;_;

Blank. Just like your sex life. :trollestia:

4369410 wow gud 1 m8 i bet u fel lik a big mann

Silly Twilight
You're supposed to pee on the pages to see the invisible ink

Never thought adding wuotation marks and ellipsis to Chapter One could give me shivers. Totally going to read now.


Such Poem

Much philosophy


Just on premise alone... I love it.

(You magnificent BASTARD, making me cry on a day where many tears have already been shed. Truly you are a gentleman AND a scholar AND an asshole.)

Two other ponies stood their:

Should be there

The book was empty.

The book isn't empty. It's filled with Regidar beautiful horse words.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

4369432 e tu, Iggy?

4369439 :rainbowkiss:

4369413 oh of course
how could she have forgotten

4369441 :heart:

4369457 If you didn't see, I edited my comment with an error I found. :raritywink:

Fucking beautiful. At first I thought Twilight was just going to write about her own experiences from the library, but an entire book on its whole history just takes the cake.

If you allow me to, I'm going to make this story my headcanon to reduce the pain that still remains from watching the finale.

I should really learn to catch up on episodes before reading new stories/blogs...

Have to say it's damn good, Regidar. For such a seemingly... 'bare' topic, you did a great job making this into so very much more than I was honestly expecting just from the description. Always have to keep looking to/for the positive, no matter how bleak it may seem

The magical aura dissipated, and Twilight slumped, sighing in a pained manor.

Excellent idea!

And it's pretty sad that the library and all it's contents are gone. It was just as much a character as the rest.

Not bad. I rather liked this short fic. Short and bittersweet. Good work.

The only thing i can think to probably improve on would be to possibly add more detail, but that's just a small opinion. Really, its just fine the way it is.

sorry a dislike for me just because i didn't really like the story. The writing was good and all, but i just don't like the story.:applejackunsure:

This was a really nice read! What had happened hadn't dawned on me until the pony carrying the branches was mentioned. The subtleties were very well inserted, in that they weren't out of place when crossed upon, but when the realization kicks in, it all makes sense and fits. Very rarely do I ever have the pleasure of going across such a well execution of this.

But... Maybe it's not related, but I haven't seen the season finale yet... Or really, any episode past 11. So judging by two comments, I feel like. I may have been spoilered. (In which case, I'm just going to ignore any replies to this comment.)

Damn, Regi. When you wanna do sad, you do it right. It's a bit weird looking at your story list, and noticing that about ten percent are sadfics, while the rest are random.
Whether it comes back or not, I'm gonna miss that tree. :fluttershbad:

4369551 what didn't you like specifically? it'll help me grow as an author.

4369661 I can't really say for sure, but the story seemed like it was in the spur of the moment kind of thing. Again it is well written there aren't any real problems with it. The story just isn't to my taste.

This was... interesting, although I think the tone broke a bit somewhere between browsing the burned shelves and announcing that the blank book would become a history book.

Still a good read and totally upvoteable. :twilightsmile:

Edit for slightly better words.

I saw a couple of mistakes. You used their instead of there.

Shit, Regi. You wrote this? I didn't noticed after ending it. Doesn't seem like what I use to pick to read from your gallery.
Now for positive comments...? Wasn't so sad for me, the ending was kind of heartwarming. The rest was a bit boring, I was expecting something Ala chamber of secrets, time traveling, or alternate dimensions, or something kind like Johnny Darko, I dunno, seems like something that had been working without ponies at all. About stylish or Grammer u know I know shit about that. I can't even sentence.
Hope that helps.

Such a bittersweet story. Beautiful job, my friend.

GAAH! Dem feels...

You know, I was just starting to get tired of seeing so many stories pertaining to this subject. Then this comes along, and I'm like, "This feels fresh. I like this." I mean, I got where it was going pretty quick (though it took me longer to realize what was going to be done with the book), but that didn't make this any less... uh, what's the word? Emotional, I guess. I mean, I'm not quietly weeping or anything, but I'm feelin' it. Heartwarming, mostly.

Um, anyway, great work. I enjoyed this one quite a bit.

Second. It feels like if the episode didn't just happen, then the plot had little relevance. It may seem like a minor gripe, and it's not worth down voting, but something about it didn't click.

It's reliant on the show to an extreme degree.

That, and I'm not one for the soppy, let's rebuild together kinda thing.:trixieshiftleft:

:trixieshiftright:Oh...if you actually read this far. Uh...it was alright, but wasn't for me.

Regi, y u do dis. The wounds are still bleeding. :fluttercry:

I approve of this fic on the sole concept that Twilight found a way to make a sort of memorial to what transpired and cherish it as a learning experience.
(obligatory #savetree)

I never would have thought that the destruction of a make believe place in a cartoon show about pony's would emotional effect so many people.

That moment when Regidar writes something that gives you feels :moustache:

You done good mate

I liked it. It was a curious story to start with, about something very simple, and then it descended into a sad story about the destruction of Golden Oaks. Quite an interesting tale, I must say.
Absolutely lovely, and very well written. Other than the few aforementioned errors, I think it was powerful and moving.
My only issue is the tone kind of shook about a little. But, oh well.

>came to read the story
>saw your bio
something's familiar
but I can't quite place it


So...was this one of the books the parasprites ate all the words out of?

4372354 not at all what I intended, but it may as well be

Got a couple of too vs. to issues in there, just FYI.

Lovely work! Here's a fave!

At first, I was thinking that Twilight was going to examine the book six ways from Sunday, then slowly go insane knowing that nothing is written on its pages then have a psychotic episode and start killing griffons with the book.

Good read, thank you.

hoping for Twily to search for imprint writing, but a good read nonetheless

“Um... what exactly are we supposed to about in it?”

I think you are missing a 'write' in there. :raritywink:

This could have qualified for a Comedic story is it omitted the parts about Golden Oaks Library getting destroyed and adding more parts about Twilight trying to decipher the meaning of a completely blank book. Things certainly started out pretty comedic at first but then became sad when they mentioned Golden Oaks Library.

Also completely unrelated, I've noticed tons of people mourning over the destruction of the library. Am I the only one who thinks there should be a memorial service for the tree?

4376244 ah yes, thank you for pointing that out!

Your life is like an empty book; it is yours alone to write in. Be sure to write quickly though, before someone else chooses to write in it for you.

I was afraid this was gonna go someplace dark. Glad it had a hopeful ending. :pinkiesmile:

omg I really got the feels! r u gonna continue it? I also find it funny how its just that one dislike :rainbowlaugh:

I've seen that video somewhere else on this site before... :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

But really though, has :unsuresweetie: knighty seen this?

This is a beautiful story. The only problem is that Princess Twilight Sparkle knows the difference between Podium and Lectern:

* A podium is the platform upon which the lecturer stands.
* A lectern is the structure upon which the notes of the lecturer rests.

Other than this easily fixed error, this story is perfect.

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