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This story is a sequel to No More Beauty

In the dark of night, Fluttershy always found it very difficult not to slip into memories of what had happened to her.

She knew that dwelling on it did her no favors.

Really what she was truly damaged by is what she’d become since then.

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Twilight Sparkle is having a normal and happy day with her best friends when an evil black monolith tumbles from the sky and lands on her front-left hoof. Whatever shall she do? Find out in this exciting tale of magic, friendship, and magical friendship!

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Pinkie Pie loves her friends.

She's very good at showing this, too.

Even if it seems like there's nothing anypony can do—least of all her—she'll be there for you.

In memory of CoffeeBean.

Originally written for the April 2020 Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Candy Contest.

Preread by darf and r5h.

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Sometimes life isn't a perfect story. Sometimes it's just one damn thing after another, right up until it ends.

As her mother lies dead in a still-living body, Twilight Glitter is going to have to come to terms with life—with death, with being, and with not.

CW: depictions of self-harm, and mental decay akin to schizophrenia/dementia

Originally written in 2017 (pre-s8) for the Writeoff. Completed slowly and painfully over the past three years. The prompt was Here at the End of all Things.

Thank you to r5h, garatheauthor, Mousse, and Cynewulf for pre-reading and editing.

Coverart by the amazingly talented Zaid Val'Roa.

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Sometimes unexpected mishaps occur; sometimes you leave your saddlebag at home, sometimes a faucet breaks, sometimes you lose the keys to the front door.

Sometimes a small star appears in your bedroom.

Fortunately for Celestia, whereas the rest of you would be apocalyptically out of luck, she has Luna.

Unfortunately for her, that means talking to Luna.

Third-place winner of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Dreams contest. The prompt was "No way home."

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Scootapops!: The elite brony gamers' first food choice!
Scootapops!: Try our skinless flavor!
Scootapops!: When your body needs an excuse to have another energy drink, you can microwave one of these and call it a meal!
Scootapops!: There's a party in your mouth and this time you're still not invited!
Scootapops!: I can't believe it's not humane!
Scootapops!: Who knew the inside of a pony looked so much like pizza sauce?
Scootapops!: Where were you when they started making tiny ponies into microwaveable snacks, and how long did you weep when you first heard?
Scootapops!: Perfect instead of trying to kill yourself directly!
Scootapops!: No refunds.

A tribute to Fiddlebottoms, God rest his soul.

Co-written with darf.

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Just because Bright Mac and Pear Butter are dead doesn't mean they're gone.

Far from it.

No Raisin

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Princess Luna arrived to me one night in my worst.

No matter what I told her, she would not leave.

Inspired by a hallucination.

Coverart used without permission from Loxotictoxic.

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In the Everfree, there is a river that runs backwards.

And foals can't swim.

A submission to RockstarRaccoon's Nightmare Night in April contest.

Pre-read by Undome Tinwe and MrNumbers.

Coverart taken from Ruirik.

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