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Things have changed since Lyra moved away to Canterlot. Every time she returns to visit Ponyville to visit old friends, everything seems... off. Ponies seem subdued. Life feels washed out. Without love.

And she's determined to fix that.

Originally written for the quills and sofas speedwrite "Happy Stories" contest in November 2019.

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Posh #1 · March 1st · · ·

This is a delight, Reg.

How sweet everypony is.

Very sweet. Hard to go wrong with LyraBon.

This was nice. Short but sweet. :heart:

Bandy #5 · March 1st · · ·

hi frens today i'm gonna defend a typing error, all aboard!

And sure, they all talked to me, asking me how Canterlot had been, and what it was like being at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, but I was hardly a decent conversationalist. My attention was raptly held by Bon Bon as she walked, watching her mouth as it formed the enunciations of each syllable she spoke

Here's a question writers have been trying to answer for a very long time: how do you articulate yearning? It's possible to articulate it in circuit, in metaphor, giving it other shapes. But can you do it directly? Syntactically?

Regi just answered that question. Yes, yes you can!

Yearning is coming up short, when all the words dissolving into an inarticulate sigh. By removing the period from the end of that sentence, we're left with this blank space in place of our expected resolution, clinging to the most minute detail of the thing we are yearning for, desperate to get just a little bit closer to it. Yearning is itself a lack of resolution--"I want that thing, but something's preventing me from having it." Leaving out the period forces me to confront that yearning directly, not as metaphor but as cold hard fact (cold hard lack? Could be a good song lyric, hmmhmm).

This is not a meme. Don't change my mind. 10/10 awesome story.

Aw, this is beautiful!

Why does the cover art look like you need 3D glasses to see it?

Um, might want to change the story pic. It might cause epilepsy/seizures, given the 3D aspect of it.

Looks to me like the original artwork was split by individual color—red, blue, and green—each of which then was slid horizontally to create a deliberate “misregister” for the artistic effect.

Short, sweet, and delightful. Not to mention thought provoking. Not much more I can say, and there’s not much more that needs be said

this was fantastic! it was soft and sweet and honest in the way i think a lot of people would struggle with. a heartwarming and tremendously relatable read đź’›

you're a delight lmao fucking gottem
hot damn now i don't even want to fix the typo
3d glasses will be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks depending on the state of the postal service in your area
thank you! I'm glad you liked it

Happy Regi stories are based as fuck, you did good here.

This was really nice. I can feel myself empathize hard with Lyra abd you described that feeling well.

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